4 Tips To Avoid Health Risks With Your AC

4 Tips To Avoid Health Risks With Your Air Conditioner


People love staying fresh, and thanks to the wonders of Air Conditioning, that’s been a reality for most for over 100 years now. In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the first modern AC system, and life has been wonderful ever since. If you know the joys of feeling a delightful breeze on the hottest days of summer, and your air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ worked like a charm from day one. However, as time goes by AC systems could start to pose a risk for health if we don’t take the proper measures. That’s why, we at Velocity Mechanical, LCC, not only take our service and profession very seriously but also the well-being of our beloved customers. Today, we’d like to share with you some tips on how to keep your AC system as refreshing and friendly as always, without interfering with your health.

New is Always Better

This doesn’t mean that you have to get a new AC system every time you see an amazing work of art in the catalogue. But, asking yourself if it’s been with your family for over 8 years, it might be a good idea at least to consider replacing it. Ideally, you should replace it every 10 years. Old and poorly maintained systems can cause respiratory problems and increase the chances of spreading diseases. Those risks can be minimized by consciously evaluating and assessing if now is the right time to get a new shiny friendly new installation.


Clean the Air Ducts

Though the process itself hasn’t scientifically proved any health benefits. Mould or buildup of dust can be a hazard. During summer, AC systems produce humidity in the indoor area, and condensation, it can leave the door open to mould. To avoid this, hiring a professional maintenance service before running it for the first time in a while is advised. During the cold months of the year, no one really turns the AC on, so it’s very likely that it will collect dust. Not having it cleaned by professionals, could mean that all that dust will end up in your nose, and we all know that’s never a good feeling.

Change the Filters Periodically

This is one of the most basic things you can do that will spare you and your family some trouble in the future. Old filters lose their effectiveness within time and start collecting dust particles which block the airflow and could let allergens, pesticides and other irritants come into your home without being welcomed.

Always Go To a Professional

Once the AC repair Mesa AZ has been taken care of, doesn’t mean the work is done. Professional technicians whose life is dedicated to the care and maintenance of Air Conditioning systems should be the only ones installing, inspecting, repairing, and cleaning them. We have over 20 years of experience in the business, with highly trained and efficient professionals that are focused on delivering the best service, no one but the best should be in touch with your AC at home. And we’re always happy to help.

If you think your AC has been around for longer than it should, we at Velocity Mechanical LLC, one of the best air conditioning services in Mesa AZ are always available to give it a thorough check. We have 24/7 call support so you don’t have to spend a single second with a faulty or an old AC system. For us, your health and satisfaction are more important than anything else. Give us a call today at (480) 688-7078. We are the #1 HVAC Repair in Mesa AZ or AC contractor in Mesa AZ and we also offer AC Repair Mesa AZ, air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ

How To Choose The Right Air Conditioner For Your Home?

ac replacement service in Gilbert AZ

There’s never going to be a good time to be without your air conditioner in the Arizona heat. If your air conditioner is more than 8 years old it could be time to replace it with a newer model that’ll give you more and cost you less. If you’ve reached this page, your air conditioner might have already given up and now you’re stuck wondering just how to choose the right air conditioner for your home, sound about right? At Velocity Mechanical LLC, we provide an AC replacement service in Gilbert AZ to take the hassle and confusion out of finding the best product to suit your needs. To put your mind at ease and give you some insight into just how our expert HVAC repair technicians will assess, recommend and install your new air conditioner, have a look at the quick guide below that covers the 3 main things you need to consider before you buy.

Type Of Air Conditioners

The two most common types of air conditioners are a split system or a packaged unit. The split system contains one outdoor cabinet that houses the condenser and compressor, while the indoor cabinet contains the evaporator and the pump and components for your heating. This is the best choice for homes that don’t yet have a/c or have equipment so old, it pays to combine it with your current furnace.  While a packaged unit has all the parts stored in one cabinet and often contains heating coils for a furnace helping you save space and save on maintenance. Your technician will be able to advise the best type for you based on your current setup and usage.

ac replacement service in Gilbert, AZ

Model and Features

Modern central air systems are now made to be highly energy-efficient, even if you’ve only had your current unit for ten years you could still stand to save 20-40% on fuel costs when you upgrade. However, not all units are made equal in other ways and so it’s important to get a consultation which is automatically part of the Velocity air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ. Energy guide labels are present across all the models we stock to ensure value for money and quality you can truly believe in. Your unit should run quietly and have functions such as a fan only switch that’ll allow you to use the system for ventilation at night with lower running costs and a filter checker, to alert you to system errors, and a fan delay switch that makes sure the fan stops running a few minutes after the compressor when you turn the unit off to help you save further.

Size and Location

The size and location of your air conditioner really matter and this is the area that people don’t make the right choice and usually focus their decision solely on price. Ironically, a central air system that’s proportional to the size and usage of your home will help to slash your bills and reduce the risk of repairs, and require less maintenance. Our AC replacement service in Gilbert, AZ is here to ensure you stay safe and cool with a product that works with you, not against you. For more details and a free estimate call us on (512) 528-1167. We are the #1 HVAC Repair in Mesa AZ or AC contractor in Mesa AZ and we also offer AC Repair Mesa AZ, air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ

Thinking About AC Replacement? Here’s A List Of Useful Tips

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Air conditioning systems have a finite lifetime, and at some point, the most sensible thing will be to replace your system. If your system is over ten years old, has needed numerous repairs, is expending more energy or is becoming less efficient, it might be time to replace it. More modern systems are generally considered more efficient, and despite the initial cost, installing a new one can save you money in the long run. Replacing an AC system is challenging to make, though, and what then follows is the complex task of deciding exactly what to replace it with. This article offers some basic guidelines for moving forward and how to proceed with getting expert advice. Velocity Mechanical, LLC is a reputable company consisting of highly qualified and motivated individuals and an excellent HVAC repair Mesa, AZ.

Where to Start?

The first step is to determine whether it is the right time to replace your AC system. Most AC systems have a general lifespan of between 10 to 20 years, although this is only a guideline. If your system is well maintained or has perhaps not seen continuous use, it may be able to last even longer. In any case, the technology installed a decade or more ago will inevitably be less efficient than newer equipment available today. Also, air conditioning systems gradually become less effective and less energy efficient through use. If you have noticed any significant reduction in effectiveness within a short period or have seen a sudden rise in energy consumption, your system may need replacement.

AC replacement service in Chandler, AZ

Choosing the Right Replacement

It is vital to choose experts with the proper training and experience when deciding which type of AC system will best suit your particular situation. Always hire a licensed contractor, as this will ensure that they have undergone the required training for the job. AC contractor in Mesa, AZ will assess the size of the different rooms and the property as a whole and calculate the size of the system most suited to your property. This calculation is critical, as installing a too large or too small system will hurt efficiency and energy consumption. If it is too large, rapid cycling will occur, meaning that the system’s potential will be poorly utilized. If it is too small, the system will be working at a higher capacity and consume excessive energy. In addition to size, a qualified technician will offer an overview of available options for a good choice of system, taking into account energy efficiencies, installation costs, and specific characteristics and functions associated with the different choices of equipment. An expert can also offer tips and guidelines regarding the general use of your system to save on energy bills.

Velocity Mechanical, LLC is a top company specializing in air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ and has the knowledge and experience to make it a superb choice for AC replacement service in Chandler, AZ. Feel free to contact us via our Website or call us at (480) 688-7078.

How to Save on AC Repair Service in Chandler AZ

Your utility bills might have been skyrocketing and the air quality at home or in the business setting must have gone down. You know something is wrong with your AC system. You must be considering how to save on air conditioning repair Mesa, AZ and below are some of the points that can guide you to get a cost-effective service.

Preventive Maintenance Can Save a Lot

Note that most of the problems affecting AC systems are caused by a lack of proper maintenance. It is best practice to have your AC serviced regularly by a professional AC specialist, probably one approved by your manufacturer. You can benefit from your manufacturer’s warranty if your AC is properly serviced by an authorized contractor and is within warranty. A good contractor can let you know problems that can harm your system and offer timely solutions for them before they escalate into costly ones.

Look for Rebates

You can get rebates and promo rates when you shop for AC repair service in Chandler AZ. Some reputable AC contractor Mesa, AZ, are keen on customer satisfaction and they have a program that allows customers to get discounts and promotional rates on the services. You want to watch out for such offers when looking for a suitable AC repair service.

You will receive the best services for your AC system if you partner with a trusted company. Velocity Mechanical LLC is a licensed and insured heating and cooling company that has provided outstanding services to the community of Chandler over the years and you can be certain of having an exceptional experience with them. Conscientious homeowners or consumers do not wait for their AC units to completely break down before they start looking for a good AC technician, so consider regular AC maintenance that will boost the efficiency of your system. We also offer  service of air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ.

AC Repair Service in Tempe AZ

Information on AC Repair Services

Warm weather has arrived and soon many will be turning on their air conditioners to find relief. Air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable but if air conditioners are not functioning as they should, they may need attention from an AC contractor Mesa, AZ. It is important to note that an air conditioning repair service includes a visual inspection of all AC components, a full system performance test, state of charge and system control tests, a leak test and a dye detection test.

There are signs and indications that your air conditioner may need repair service such as if you notice that air coming from your vents is not as cold as it used to be. Keep in mind; over time debris can get stuck inside you’re AC vents and prevent cool air from coming through. When you need services of HVAC repair Mesa, AZ. Velocity Mechanical LLC is an excellent choice. For more information contact us.

In addition, there could also be a problem with the thermostat. If there is a problem with the thermostat, certain parts of your home will feel cool, while other parts of your home will stay at the same temperature. If you see moisture around or near your system, that could also be a concern. It could be a refrigerant problem and such as problem could cause serious health problems.

Strange noises coming from your air conditioner may also require help from an AC specialist. Noises could mean that something is wrong inside the unit and that could be an expensive repair. Strange odors could be another concern. Strange odors often mean that the wire insulation has burned out. If you notice a musty smell, that could mean that mold is inside you AC. Find out how air conditioning repair Mesa, AZ can help you with your a/c needs!

To conclude, warm weather has arrived! If your air conditioner is not working as it should, talk with an AC specialist today and enjoy the cool!