Answers to Heating System Not Working in Home

As it has started to get entirely freezing outside, you wouldn’t want to arrive home to an equally cold house. To avoid this problem, the easiest way is to prevent your heater from failing by maintaining it regularly. If you haven’t done that, now is the time to get it replaced or fixed, Contact Velocity Mechanical LLC for heating replacement in Mesa, AZ. Both of which need a lot of consideration. 

Things to Check When the Heater Isn’t Working

You need first to identify the problem in your heating system. Before calling a professional, you should look for the following indicators.

  • Did the furnace power switch?
  • Electrical breakers and fuse box for the heater and house system.
  • Flame sensor and thermocouple, vent safety switch.
  • Clogged air filters.
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Once you realize the home heater isn’t working, you need to investigate minutely. Sometimes your furnace blows out unclean air, and sometimes it does not blow out any hot air at all. 

Dirty Filters:

Is it sneezing quite a lot though you don’t have a cold? It isn’t the flu. It’s a dirty filter responsible for the dusty atmosphere inside. When the vents have not been cleaned for years, it stresses out your furnace and the thermostat. Hence, it produces more heat because the temperature inside is not unattainable with the present condition of the filter. 

Call an expert technician to either replace them or clean them accordingly. Depending on the type of furnace owned, you need to change the air filters every month or three months.

Improper Heating:

If these issues start in winter, the problem might be the fluctuating weather. But if you find your furnace slowly trying to give up when the temperature outside is stable, the problem might be in your thermostat or ductwork around the house. Again, these are very different problems that need to be taken immediately; you wouldn’t want unnecessary high bills. So spend wisely and invest in contractors that care about your home comfort.

Furnace Failure:

The last stage of your heating unit is entirely failing to heat the house. A lot of information could have gone wrong,

  • A failed condenser unit
  • Power fluctuations in the furnace
  • Damaged gas valves

If you have owned the furnace system for more than ten years now, it’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient device.

We Can Keep You Warm This Winter!

Not just this winter, Velocity Mechanical LLC can provide services throughout the year, whether it is your heating unit or your air conditioner. Heating repair in Mesa, AZ, is well suited for residential HVAC systems and commercial HVAC; and even specializes in providing good quality products like heating coils, thermostats, air purifiers, oil furnaces, and several packaged products.

Who would have thought that heating service in Mesa, AZ, would be so readily available? Get in touch with us today for emergency fixes, don’t go another day this winter without proper comfort. Also, learn more about Velocity Mechanical LLC, the partnership company with decades of experience and knowledge!

How To Prepare For Your Heating Installation

Do you plan to install a new heating system in your home? It is a rare event for people to do more than once in their lives to purchase a furnace. As a result, you may not be sure of how it works when it does happen. You finally made your decision to install a furnace after speaking with consultants, researching options, and deciding on one. We provide one of the best heating service in Meza, AZ at an affordable price.

In that case, you can complete some tasks to make the installation day more efficient and smooth. Preparing for the installation can be made easier with the following tips – 

Tips To Prepare For Heating Installation:

  • Obstructions Must Be Removed

    To ensure that your current heating area is not obstructed, you should remove any obstructions. Your installation process will run more smoothly when obstructions are removed, and technicians will be safer on their jobs.

  • Provide An Accessible Workspace

    If technicians have to work in an area that is cluttered and messy as they install a heating system, it may be harder for them to work efficiently. Ensure that there is an easy path between the vehicle and the workstation so that technicians can easily go back and forth.

  • Make Sure All Valuables Are Removed

    It is our priority to respect every client’s space and home. Regardless of our efforts to avoid valuables and breakables, accidents can occur. It is less likely for an item to be damaged or broken if valuables and breakables are removed.

  • Vents Need To Be Closed

    In addition, we recommend closing your home’s vents during the day of your installation, whether your heating or air conditioning is being installed. As a result, during installation, your vents will not be clogged with dust and debris.

  • Ensure That Children and Pets Are Taken Care of

    Our technicians make sure your children, pets, and other family members are safe on the day of installation. They should not be allowed on the job site, near the equipment, or near chemicals. Tools of any kind may harm kids and pets. In the early afternoon or early evening, have another member of your family take them out for the day if they aren’t in school.

  • Ensure Ducts Are In Good Shape

    Your project may require duct replacement. A new HVAC system will connect to your house’s existing ductwork if duct replacement is not included in the installation. HVAC systems rely on ductwork to transport and distribute heated and cooled air. Ductwork may damage or deteriorate over time. Before installing ductwork, you should have your current ductwork inspected by a professional.

If you have any questions regarding heating installation and our services, feel free to visit our website or contact us today at Velocity Mechanical LLC for heating installation in Mesa, AZ.


Heater Repair Tips to Keep in Mind

Promptly repairing your heater is very important in keeping it functioning efficiently. Delay in repairing the heater may eventually worsen its performance and may render it useless sooner than expected. If any sudden malfunctions become noticeable, make sure you contact your trusted heating service in Mesa, AZ as quickly as possible.

When to Seek Heater Repair Services

  • Constant breakdowns –  If your heater experiences regular breakdowns or starts and stops abruptly, then it’s time for you to call for a repair. If you continue to ignore this, then it is possible that you will spend large sums of money on a new heater. If you have purchased the heater recently, then calling for repairs will help you identify the problem, and you may be eligible for a replacement from the store you bought the heater from as chances are it is still under the manufacturers warranty.
  • Long heating times –  If the water takes too long to heat up, it is highly possible that there is something wrong with the heater. The longer the water takes to heat up, the more electricity costs you will have to bear. It is likely that the heating time may keep on increasing as the weeks go by,  putting an ever-increasing burden on your home budget. It is advisable that you quickly call in for repairs and fix your heater.

How You Can Avoid Unnecessary Breakdowns and Repairs

You can avoid unnecessary repairs by conducting regular heater maintenance. Just like a regular visit to the dentist helps you avoid potentially expensive dental conditions, in the same way, regular maintenance can help you avoid expensive repairs.

A quick call to our 24/7 hotline at 480 688 7078 will help you book an appointment with us. We at Velocity Mechanical LLC, the most reliable service of heating replacement in Mesa, AZ, will make sure that your heater is repaired professionally and swiftly. Call us now!

Velocity AC: Affordable Heater Repair in Mesa

Winter is the time for snuggling up, getting lost in black and white movies and feeling the magic of the season. What it is NOT a time for is snuggling up because you have no other choice… under 20 blankets with your entire family who just so happen to be incredibly cranky thanks to the cold. There is just not anything special about that. Here at Velocity Mechanical, the heating repair in Mesa, AZ who cares about your comfort and your sanity, we want you to have a holiday season that is equal parts magical and cheerful. A perfectly working heating unit can help your season be just that.

Commitment to Affordable Prices

We have families just like you and we know what it means to survive on a budget. That is why we are so dedicated to providing the most affordable prices around. Your family means a lot to us and we want to know that getting the service you need will not break the bank. At Velocity Mechanical LLC get one of the best service of HVAC repair Mesa, AZ at affordable prices.

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We cannot wait to show you the Velocity Mechanical LLC difference. We know that you will recognize it right away. We always strive to be kind and friendly because that is exactly how we would want our own families treated. Call us to get heating service in Mesa, AZ at (480) 688-7078.