Getting Better Heat Efficiency in the Winters

Winters bring swirls of coldness which makes you shiver endless broken phrases and curl you up in the warmest blanket at your home. In such freezing weather, you need to find means to drive away coldness as much as possible. 

For getting the best heating service in Mesa, AZ through your HVAC system, it is evident that a professional must be involved. But what if you have the chance to derive maximum heart efficiency through your heating systems? A house owner can easily do maintenance to get better heating by working on less burdening tasks. 

Before getting your furnace repair in Mesa, AZ or any heating repair in Mesa AZ, always try from your side. Work on small parts of your heating systems or arrangements of homes for winter to save yourself from incurring huge expenses. 

What to Do For Better Heating in Winters?

You do not need to dive into complex settings, furnace replacing, or changing your heating systems directly. Always try out the basics, and if it fails, you can then move on to tackle the profound aspects of your heating process during winters. Here are the things you can try for better heating during winter:

Give a Head with Trying Out Simple Things

You can always begin working on your HVAC systems by replacing your furnace filters. You can choose the permanent filter over the disposable filter. This is because the permanent filter is electrostatic and can filter twice the amount of dirt as the disposable filter made of fiberglass. 

Your ceiling fans can bring you to heat in winters too. How? It’s just one move to change. Suppose you shift the fan’s movement to clockwise sprinting. This would bring warm air into your homes and spaces and help you keep the room temperature heated during freezing winters. 

You can always have tune-ups or periodic checkups for your heating systems. For this, you can easily find companies offering heating services in Mesa, AZ, HVAC repair Mesa, AZ ,or any other heating repair in Mesa, AZ. You can also opt for insulation of blinds or windows and closed curtains to keep the room temperature warm and durable during cold winters. 

Go for Routine Maintenance and Checkups. 

Trying to insulate your attics before the winters or during the winters will work in increasing heat energy. You should also make sure that the ductwork is compact and sealed so that the decreased amount of energy can create heat. For this and other improvements, you can always contact organizations dealing with heating service in Mesa, AZ. These companies will suggest the proper repair or work for your HVAC systems, so you do not need to worry about heating during cold. You can also do maintenance for your furnace by approaching any centers dealing with furnace repair in Mesa, AZ. Always make sure to do all these right before winter to avoid any cold days or nights. 

Now that you are aware of how to create better heat efficiency during winters, you should read more about HVAC systems and other appliances which we deal with on our website. 

8 Signs Your Furnace Wants to Be Replaced This Year

An average person has a difficult time determining if their heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. There is one thing that is certain. There’s no good time to realize you should have replaced your system during a cold winter night. We offer the best heating repair in Mesa, AZ. Here are tips for deciding whether your heating system needs to be replaced this year – 

Tips To Replacement of Heating System:

  • Increase In Utility Prices

    If your electric or gas bill suddenly spikes, you may have an inefficient heating system. All heating systems lose efficiency as they age. Older heating systems generally have fuel utilization efficiency between 56% and 70%. Reduce your utility costs and keep your house warm by installing an energy-efficient system. You will save money by investing in a new, more energy-efficient unit.

  •  Age-Old Heating Systems

    Heating systems can be over 25 years old depending on the age of your house. Most likely, your furnace is more than 25 years old if it has a pilot light. System failure is more likely to occur as they age. Before you need to replace an old heating system, it is best to upgrade it. 

  • Symptoms Of a Flu-Like Illness May Be Caused By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Do you or anyone in your family have symptoms that may mimic the flu? The flu can produce symptoms such as nausea, headache, or burning eyes. This can also be caused by carbon monoxide. Because of expansion and contraction, heat exchangers can crack in older systems. If poorly installed and maintained, new furnaces may also suffer from these problems.

  • The Yellow Flame Of The Burner

    Yellow flames, rather than blue ones, indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. Due to the colorless and odorless nature of this gas, it is important to recognize its signs before it is too late. 

  • Unusual Noises

    Occasionally, heating systems will squeal, rattle, or bang as they age. Running a properly configured operating system will be quiet. The motor bearings may be at fault if there is a squealing noise. The blower assembly or motor might be at fault for the banging or rattling. The system may need replacing if it makes any unusual noises.

  • Making a Number Of Repairs In A Short Period Of Time

    In some cases, the cost of replacing several parts in your heating system in short order is almost as much as buying another unit. The parts for older systems can be hard to find, which makes keeping an old system running costly. Replacement is better before the system completely fails.

  • Thermostat Adjustments Are Constantly Needed

    You might have a problem with your furnace if you can’t get the thermostat adjusted to make the rooms comfortable. There could be a problem with the way the furnace distributes the air if some rooms are very warm and others are cold. It may be time to replace your heating system if the temperature in your home varies from room to room.

  • Cycling For Short Periods

    Your home’s temperature is controlled by the thermostat. Short cycling is the process of your heating system switching on and off for short periods of time. The system can shut down due to the heat exchanger overheating.
    A short cycling heating system will decrease its efficiency and could signify a serious problem.

Having a heating system is essential. Your furnace may need to be replaced if you experience any of these problems. Schedule an appointment now for heating service in Mesa, AZ with Velocity Air Conditioning and Heating, or call us today at (480)-688-7078.

How To Choose The Best Heating Service in Mesa, AZ?

The heating repair and maintenance service are not only required to keep your heating unit optimized towards its outflow and energy-efficient but might also be essential when you opt for a renovation. It would be best if you kept your heating well-maintained and regularly serviced so that it does not stop working. Contacting a heating repair service provider will allow you to ensure that your workers and family members are safe. So, it is essential for you to do proper research and then choose the best heating service Mesa AZ

Tips for choosing the best heating service in Mesa AZ:

There are several heating service providers out there who claim to provide professional and reliable services. But you should not take any chances with your heating system as you spend a lot of money on it. So, here are some factors to keep in mind while selecting a heating repair service provider. 


You must first check the business licenses, permits, and certifications that your heating unit repair service holds. The license and certification will guarantee that the provider is licensed by the law to provide you their services and abides by the federal and state laws. 

Knowledge of the local codes

Local building codes related to the installation, running, maintenance of heating units might vary from one state to another state. Find out whether the heating repair service provider you are choosing knows the local building codes or not. Learning about the legal areas will ensure a repair service without any complications. It also gives you a basic idea regarding the professional standards followed by the company. 


Talk to your family members, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to learn more about the heating repair services they recommend and ask about the satisfaction, happiness, and cost-effectiveness they obtained from their services. Consider the views shared by them while making a hiring choice. You can also ask the company to provide few referrals and contact them regarding the same. 


Find out whether the firm is insured or not before selecting them. Clauses like worker insurance ensure that you are not responsible if any of the workers of the company suffers from an injury/accident while working at your place. It also shows the care shown by the company towards their workers, promising that they are sustainable and can be trusted.

Check online reviews

Almost every company has a website these days. So, visit the company’s website and read the customer reviews to understand the quality and types of service provided by them.

Price quotes

After shortlisting the companies you feel are reliable and are the right choice for you, ask for price quotes. You should not have to bear unnecessary costs, and hence analyzing the price quote will enable you to select the most affordable option for yourself.

We at Velocity Mechanical LLC are one of the best companies that provide the best and reliable heating service in Mesa AZ. Our team of experts is well trained and ensures that you have a smooth experience repairing your heating unit. We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating repair in Mesa AZ, heating service in Mesa AZ, heating installation in Mesa AZ,

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Heating Replacement Contractor

Winters in the Arizona desert cause discomfort to the natives. This is why having a heating system is essential in the area. However, heating systems demand attention and come with a life span. Your heating system misbehaves to inform you that it is time for a replacement.

You know it’s time for replacement when your system has frequent breakdowns, makes weird noises, and draws on excess energy. Getting a replacement is an ideal decision in such a scenario, especially when winter is just around the corner, but it also comes with a thick price tag.

Once you decide on getting your heating system replaced, you need to choose the right service provider for a hassle-free post-installation. There are certain things that you should consider while choosing your service provider.


Heating system machines are a costly investment, and to ensure their long-life regular maintenance checks are vital. They also consume a considerable amount of energy, which adds to your bills. You should plan your purchase considering the long-term expenses.

Energy consumption

Checking on the energy consumption of your installation is important for your pocket and the environment as well. Make sure you choose the right service that gives you a well-performing product that works on less energy. Discuss the products SEER and check whether it checks all your boxes.

The area of your unit

You need an expert assistant to give you an evenly heated home/office with an efficient product. Merely adding pipes and ducts, installing extra machines for large places won’t help you. Choose someone who can correctly understand your needs and give you the best temperature control without unnecessary costs.

A system specialist

A certified professional with significant experience will inspect your previous problems, infrastructure, and requirements and then suggest the right products for your place. Unevaluated replacement is very likely to be dangerous for your building.

The complete service

When choosing a service for your heating replacement, look for someone who can assist you throughout the process. Your right contractor will help you understand the costs, keep you well informed about the entire process, understand your personal needs, and tailor an experience. Your contractor should also assist you with the maintenance and give you the protocol to ensure safety.

As an Arizonian, you need someone who understands the weather and your local needs. If you are looking for a heating replacement in Mesa, AZ, or nearby, Velocity Mechanical LLC will take care of your problems.

  • We are a team of Arizona natives with over 20 years of experience and technical expertise in the construction industry, mechanical trade, and architectural design.
  • We have partnered with the best in the industry to give you the finest products that will cater to all your needs.
  • We also help you know how energy efficient your system is and how much you save in the next five years. With our simple SEER calculator, you can think in the right direction to make the right choice.
  • We offer you 24/7 service in case of emergency repairs. You won’t have to wait in never-ending queues to get your issues resolved.

With a passion for mechanics and partnership with the best in the industry, we prioritize the most efficient service and well-being. Contact us now for the best heating replacement in Mesa, AZ. We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating repair in Mesa AZ, heating service in Mesa AZ, heating installation in Mesa AZ,

Best Heating Service in Mesa, AZ

Technological advancements have brought all kinds of high-functioning heaters to the market. Their performance is excellent, but they need servicing if a problem is detected like any other machine. The problem with these new age heaters is their hi-tech and intricate design which cannot be repaired according to old standards. Most companies are confused in this scenario because they are only trained in repairing old models of heaters. 

However, at Velocity Mechanical LLC, we train our technicians to deal with these new machines specifically. The heating service in Mesa, AZ, is your best bet if you want to service your old or latest heater unit. We are constantly updating our services and professionals, setting an industry standard for our competitors and customers. If you have a heater with unusual problems, kindly do not neglect it and opt for our heating service in Mesa, AZ, to avoid any future mishaps. 

Our Services

We cater to a wide variety of customers with top-notch services apart from heating service in Mesa, AZ. We have an impressive catalogue of the following services:

  • We install air conditioners and provide servicing, repairing, emergency repairs, tune-ups, and replacements. 
  • We also provide these services for Ductless air conditioners which are highly recommended by us. 
  • We also install heaters, service, repair, replace, and maintain them for our customers.
  • Along with that, we also specialize in providing ventilating services.
  • We serve residential and individual customers who find our assistance to be affordable. 
  • We also facilitate on a commercial level to small-scale and large-scale industries and, even start-ups. 
  • Our customers can directly purchase high-quality units from us. 
  • Apart from that, we have a blog dedicated to all the services and products available on our website.

About Us

Troy and Amber from Arizona founded Velocity Mechanical LLC. Their prior experience in the industry has been our foundational pillar for over 20 years. Our professionals are highly skilled and passionate about their work. Their skills keep improving because we believe in thinking outside the box and training them to handle modern units. 

What started as a small endeavour is now an upscaling business spread throughout Maricopa and Pinal countries. Our expertise in air conditioners, heaters, and ventilators has satisfied numerous residential and industrial customers. At Velocity Mechanical, we avail our services and sell high-quality products that are carefully chosen by us. 

Why Choose us?

  • Decades of experience: Velocity Mechanical LLC has served people in this domain for well over two decades. 
  • Foundational pillar: Our company was established with the knowledge of mechanical trading, industrial construction, and architecture. 
  • Our technicians: We have skilled experienced on board with up-to-date skills to deal with all kinds of units in the industry.
  • Customer care: Our staff is disciplined and polite with soft skills, we will assist you in a query, quotation or inconvenience. 
  • Registered Company: We are a licensed company so you can trust us with your products and servicing. 


We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating repair in Mesa AZ, heating service in Mesa AZ, heating installation in Mesa AZ