5 Things About Heat Pumps In Winter

5 Things About Heat Pumps In Winter

When we talk about the most energy-efficient source of heating in winter, the idea of a heat pump pops up first in our minds. A heat pump basically traps the heat from the outside and redirects it to the indoors of our home. Due to the compact size, it takes up less space than a furnace. However, heat pumps are not right for freezing temperatures as they might not give the desired results. It is very important to know how the heat pump functions in winter and what measures you can take for uninterrupted warmth inside your house. We provide #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ

The efficiency of the heat pump

A heat pump can work well even in cold temperatures as it withdraws the heat trapped in cold air. But when it goes below freezing temperature, a heat pump might not perform that efficiently. But if we’re talking specifically about Mesa, AZ, heat pumps can be a good choice. In other parts of the US where it snows in winter, the story, however, can be different. The temperature outside decides the temperature controlled by the heat pump inside.

Composition of leaves and debris

When the winter season approaches, the trees lose their leaves. This is the weather that gives you joy when you look out of the window. But in this weather, you should be very cautious about your heat pump. The falling leaves, dust, or debris can hinder the smooth flow of warm air. The accumulated leaves should be collected to unblock the flow of the air or other debris like a bird’s nest needs to be removed too. If not removed, these accumulations will ultimately lower the heating efficiency leaving you with less warmth and more utility bills.

Velocity Mechanical LLC furnace repair in Mesa AZ, gives a new life to your heating unit by providing world-class service. Our professionals not only clean the system but also check the internal components like the coil, fan, etc., and repair it if required.

Be prepared for the worst-case scenarios

In winters, it is really tough to spend even a single night without a heating unit. It is highly recommended to keep an alternative to save you from the chilly nights. We also offer heating installation in Mesa AZ

At night or early in the morning when the temperature drops to a minimum, it is possible that your heat pump stops working beyond a certain temperature. In this case, you should be ready with the backup, and the best backup is considered to be a furnace. The thermostat has that particular function. In this case, the heating will automatically switch to emergency mode but beware; it can shoot up your utility bills.

This is just an alternative in case of the heat pump ditches you at the odd time.

Use of defrosting mode

When the system is not used for a while, ice can get deposited in areas where it snows. If you are looking for heating replacement in Mesa AZ, look no further then Velocity Mechanical LLC.

There’s an option in your heat pump that seems scary at first look, but it isn’t. Actually, the defrost option just melts the composition of ice which might be deposited at night or early in the morning. It is a very short process.

Annual maintenance

Velocity Mechanical LLC heating repair in Mesa, AZ, prepares your system for the winters. Schedule an inspection now at (480) 688-7078. We provide thorough service of your heating system which leaves you with a comforting warmness all through the season.