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The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are of utmost importance in any residential property. Proper maintenance is essential to ensuring top-notch performance from your AC unit; incredibly, this will help you save money. Unfortunately, failure to properly maintain your HVAC unit will lead you to need an AC repair in Mesa, AZ. Luckily, this is where Velocity Mechanical LLC can help you. To find out more about potential warning signs. If your AC is on the fritz, be sure to check out this page!

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Diligently serving the Arizona area for many years, the team at Velocity Mechanical LLC is passionate about the service and products. Under the leadership of Arizona natives. Velocity Mechanical LLC owners Troy and Amber, team. Our employees have a ‘think outside the box approach to their work in cooling units. Daily, we expect to drive intuition from our passionate staff to successfully meet our customers’ needs.

We even listed an article that explains precisely what you should look for in an HVAC company. So take a look and see if we meet the traits that would do us the ideal service for you in terms of AC repair in Mesa, AZ and other services.

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At Velocity Mechanical LLC, there is a service for everybody. The services offered range from simple everyday comforts like AC and heater repair to more complex for more specific needs.

On top of having a wide range of services available. Our team at Velocity Mechanical LLC is committed to quality customer service. As such, customers can always expect that work will be done in the fastest possible time and be done correctly. Additionally, customers can expect friendly and courteous treatment from start to finish.

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Due to the 20 years of experience that we have in the heating and cooling industry, there is nothing that we have not seen. It means that no matter what problem you may be encountering, we will be able to help! In addition, our staff is also trained to handle any situations that may arise throughout the repair process.

If you live in the Arizona desert area and would like to benefit from an excellent AC Contractor in Mesa AZ, then you have come to the right place. Any member of the Velocity Mechanical LLC team would love to consult with you and help you decide which of our services will best suit your needs.

After all, our company’s motto is customer comfort and satisfaction. We want to help you prepare your home to be calm and relaxing this coming Summer. Contact AC repair in Mesa, AZ for alternative communication methods.

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The worst feeling is realizing that your AC has stopped working in the middle of a hot summer day. For most people, this causes them to frantically search for an HVAC company that can help them with a repair, but it almost always goes poorly. How can you expect it to go well without researching companies ahead of time? Well, Velocity Mechanical LLC is here to tell you ahead of time that we offer reliable AC repair in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas. When you need us to stop by and restore your system to working order, we will be there for you. We emphasize speed with repairs because we understand how hard it can be to have a broken system when the weather is suboptimal. Just call us when you need a hand, and we’ll be there to support you!

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The team at Velocity Mechanical LLC has over 20 years of experience, and we are confident that we can help you with any issue you and your air conditioner may be experiencing. We have dealt with many different issues through our years of service and have implemented many different solutions. Still, the problem has never stumped used Our team is excellent at diagnosing issues and isolating the causes, followed by quick and efficient air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas. So no matter your problem, we are confident that we have the skills to face it head-on.

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At Velocity Mechanical LLC, we are known for finding solutions to even the most challenging problems. If you have an issue with your AC, call us today for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas. A team member will speak with you briefly, isolate the problem, and assign a technician to help you out at your earliest convenience. Just dial (480) 688-7078 to get your problem solved!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

The tune-up or maintenance of an air conditioning unit usually varies from one HVAC company to another. In addition, the cost of an AC tune-up can further depend on the distinct requirements of homeowners. However, the average cost of an air conditioner system maintenance or tune-up can range anywhere between $100 to $200 depending on the kind of assistance required by the customers.

It is the AC technician who recommends a replacement. Sometimes the damage in a specific component can be so severe that the particular part needs to be replaced instead of replacing the entire AC. However, if the AC is relatively new and under warranty, the homeowners must replace the entire system. Else, they can go for a single part replacement.

Different air conditioning units hold distinct types and quality coils that attract assorted replacement charges. However, the average cost of replacing the evaporator or condenser coils usually varies from $600 to $100, depending on the quality.

It is recommended to never self-replace the evaporator coils as there are higher odds that a person might damage other parts by doing so. Furthermore, the evaporator coil is one of the essential components of an air conditioning unit that must be handled with utmost care. Hence, it is good to take professional service for evaporator coils replacement.

Evaporator coils are primarily responsible for absorbing heat and humidity at a place and ensuring the proper flow of cool air. Hence, if any problem arises in the evaporator coils, it can be a massive cause of distress. The decision to replace evaporator coils depends on various factors like the age of the system, the extent of damages caused, and many more.

Also, if the homeowners face a hike in the utility bills, then it’s time to plan for the entire AC replacement, as just replacing the evaporator coils will not be worth it.

Numerous problems can lead to a leak in the evaporator coils. However, by taking services from a reliable technician for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ, evaporator coil leaks can get fixed easily at an affordable cost.

When the evaporator coils are damaged, the AC shows notable signs like not blowing cool air or unusual sounds or a frozen system. Hence, one can always look for these signs and get the evaporator coils repaired soon.

When an AC evaporator goes wrong, it can lead to warm air flow, fluctuating temperature, and a frozen system. This problem can grow more prominent if you do not immediately call up professionals from a reliable HVAC company.

The AC unit is not designed to remove contaminants from the air. While the air conditioner has an air filter, the air that comes in may still contain contaminants and pollutants that a regular air filter cannot catch.

The air filter should be washed and cleaned, the condenser unit fan should be in good working order, the coils should be cleaned, the condensate drain should be inspected, and regular professional maintenance should be performed.

The air conditioner filters in the interior unit should be cleaned every two weeks as a general rule. Filters should be cleaned more frequently in dusty or polluted settings. One can also contact someone for air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ.

Because of disconnected or clogged drain lines, Water frequently drops from HVAC systems. In addition, Water can spill from the unit because of an overflowing or damaged drip pan and frozen evaporator coils.

The electrical power to the condenser unit should be turned off. Next, locate the AC drain pipe and turn on the vacuum to remove debris and, hopefully, free the clog.

A tiny hole in the back of the unit is the most typical cause of a window air conditioner leaking water. It’s often known as a drain hole, and if it becomes clogged, water has nowhere to go.

In a spray bottle, hand sprayer, or garden sprayer, combine warm water and a mild detergent. Spray the evaporator coils with the water and detergent solution. Allow the solution to soak in and loosen particles for a few seconds to a few minutes. As needed, reapply.

A package air conditioner is a more powerful version of a window unit. It has a higher cooling or heating capacity than window air conditioners or PTAC units and can usually cool a whole house or commercial structure. Velocity Mechanical offer AC contractor in Mesa, AZ for any AC repair and installation service.