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April 21, 2017
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June 17, 2017

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Spring is the season of renewal and new growth. It’s a great time to center on your relationship with your spouse and do a few things to show them you care. Making new memories and setting the stage for romance takes some effort but comes with the biggest rewards. Love and happiness together at home make life better and help you grow as a couple. While our expertise at Velocity Mechanical, LLC is all about getting your home comfortable with seasonal AC repair service in Chandler, AZ, we can’t help but think you’ll enjoy some of these ideas, too.

  • Breathe a breath of fresh air into bedroom decor. Creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom will help you and your spouse escape the stress of everyday life. All the times at hotels on vacations and honeymoons are often some of the best memories for couples because of the calm they felt during these trips. While you are adventuring during the day, you come back to a tidy, fresh feeling place to rest and relax. Instead of seeing chores to be done when you look to the pile of laundry mounting, you collapse together onto a neatly made bed. Bring the carefree feel of a hotel spa into your bedroom. Start with a hamper to neatly collect dirty clothes in the closet or an unnoticeable spot in the corner of the room. Clear the surfaces in the room as much as you can of clutter including receipts, spare change, and dusty trinkets. Make a spot in the dresser drawer for loose coins and find a functional solution to clutter. Dust off the surfaces and finish by making the bed and adding a small flower vase with a single flower to your spouse’s side table.

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  • Look for genuine opportunities to compliment your spouse. If you haven’t complimented your spouse for a while, don’t suddenly go overboard. Instead, start thinking about what you appreciate about what they do for you. Complement their attractiveness or kindness with words you really mean. Actually looking for ways you appreciate your partner will increase your awareness of why you love them and help them feel loved.
  • Spend time together trying new things. Whether it’s making a new recipe or visiting a new park, planning time together and being open minded will give you conversation and enjoyment together.
  • Make everyday at home comfortable. Don’t let the Arizona heat zap your energy or put you or your partner in a bad mood. When the house isn’t comfortably cooled, mood shifts and dehydration will degrade the day and make it harder to relax. Get AC repair service in Chandler, AZ from Velocity Mechanical, LLC today so you can enjoy home life together each day.

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