Furnace Repair Signs And Tips

Furnace Repair Signs And Tips

Winter’s here, and everyone prefers being inside their warm and cozy home and spending time with their loved ones. This is the season of long nights and lazy mornings, and nothing makes it better than the warmth your home provides for you and your friends and family. At the start of the season, every homeowner, without a doubt, gets their furnace checked and serviced. Yet everyone knows the struggle of calling for an emergency repair in the middle of an engagement you were preoccupied with.

Every homeowner must know the basics about their furnace. So they can diagnose a problem beforehand and call for HVAC repair services, especially if your home heating system is more than 15 years old and put through multiple repairs previously. You don’t need a faulty furnace on your hand while hosting friends and family this season. We also offer the top-notch services of  HVAC Repair Mesa AZ

Signs that your furnace needs repair and maintenance service

It is important to keep track of the times you get your furnace serviced or maintained. Neglect and improper handling of the heating system can lead to multiple problems and the appliance’s short life. It is recommended that you should get your furnace serviced and repaired at least once a year.

Here are few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Lack of adequate maintenance of the furnace
  • Dirty and clogged air filters
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Wear and tear in the machinery
  • Fluctuating numbers on the thermostat
  • Uneven heating of the rooms in your house
  • The furnace does not produce any heat at all
  • Persistent grinding and groaning sound from the furnace
  • Bad gas smell near your furnace
  • Flickering or yellow pilot light or electric ignition problems
  • Tripped carbon monoxide detector
  • Furnace stops blowing air, or the blowers are continuously running
  • Cracked heat exchanger

You must call for a trusted HVAC service in case you notice any of these signs.

Tips for a longer and better life of your furnace

Handling the heating system with adequate care and taking preventive measures might take you a long way. It increases efficiency and ensures a longer life for your furnace. Below are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance service with an HVAC professional at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of fall.
  • Change the air filters of your furnace: Dirty and clogged Furnace can lead to multiple problems for your furnace. It is advised that you clean or changed your air filter every month or two months.
  • Thermostat: Do not forget to change the thermostat’s batteries and clean any dirt or debris on it.
  • Ignition Control and Pilot light: Check if the pilot light is on. Leave any ignition issues to the experts, for they might be from clogging of electrical components.
  • Vents and Ducts: Regularly check the vents to see if they are clean and not blocked by anything.

In case of any serious issue, contact a trusted HVAC service as soon as possible.

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