Most Common Issues With Heating Unit

Most Common Issues With Heating Unit

One of the essential appliances in a household is an HVAC unit; that’s why it is vital to be aware when the time comes for a heating replacement in Mesa, AZ.

Common Problems with Heating Units

The Thermostat Isn't Functioning Correctly

According to our heating repair specialists, a malfunctioning thermostat is one of the most frequently encountered furnace issues. The thermostat needs to be fixed if the fan is always running.

It means that the battery in the thermostat will be depleted, and the furnace will not function as efficiently. Set the fan on auto mode, then test whether it runs consistently at all temperatures.

Unclean Air Filters in the System

Filters that are dirty or blocked can reduce the air used in your heating system, thus reducing its effectiveness. It could also cause harm to the limit switch. Replace your filters each quarter to ensure your system operates at its best.

A Weak, Flickering, or Colored Pilot Light

The pilot light of your furnace is essential for its functioning. If you notice it flashing or turning yellow, it could indicate that too much carbon monoxide is produced in the gas furnace. You should contact a specialist for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ for an inspection.

The Heat Exchanger has Cracked

The heat exchanger divides the warming flame and the air, allowing the furnace to run safely. If you have a problem with your house’s temperature or you don’t replace your air filter regularly, the heat exchanger in your furnace might fail. Contact a specialist in heating service in Mesa, AZ, to replace the heating exchanger.

A Frayed or Worn-Out Blower Belt

The blower belt of your furnace is a component of the motor that drives its fan. However, they will crack or tear occasionally. The belt replacement can improve the performance and efficiency that your furnace can provide.

Bottom Line

Furnaces are highly sophisticated and essential household components that, if properly maintained, can improve the comfort of your home and save on energy bills.

If you’re experiencing problems with your heating, contact the professionals at Velocity Mechanical LLC at 480-688-7078, to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ today.