8 Signs Your Furnace Wants to Be Replaced This Year

8 Signs Your Furnace Wants to Be Replaced This Year

An average person has a difficult time determining if their heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. There is one thing that is certain. There’s no good time to realize you should have replaced your system during a cold winter night. We offer the best heating repair in Mesa, AZ. Here are tips for deciding whether your heating system needs to be replaced this year: 

Tips for replacement of heating system:

  • Increase in utility prices

    If your electric or gas bill suddenly spikes, you may have an inefficient heating system. All heating systems lose efficiency as they age. Older heating systems generally have fuel utilization efficiency between 56% and 70%. Reduce your utility costs and keep your house warm by installing an energy-efficient system. You will save money by investing in a new, more energy-efficient unit.
  •  Age-old heating systems

    Heating systems can be over 25 years old depending on the age of your house. Most likely, your furnace is more than 25 years old if it has a pilot light. System failure is more likely to occur as they age. Before you need to replace an old heating system, it is best to upgrade it. 
  • Symptoms of a flu-like illness may be caused by carbon monoxide poisoning

    Do you or anyone in your family have symptoms that may mimic the flu? The flu can produce symptoms such as nausea, headache, or burning eyes. This can also be caused by carbon monoxide. Because of expansion and contraction, heat exchangers can crack in older systems. If poorly installed and maintained, new furnaces may also suffer from these problems.
  • The yellow flame of the burner

    Yellow flames, rather than blue ones, indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. Due to the colorless and odorless nature of this gas, it is important to recognize its signs before it is too late. We also offer the services of Heating Replacement in Mesa AZ.
  • Unusual noises

    Occasionally, heating systems will squeal, rattle, or bang as they age. Running a properly configured operating system will be quiet. The motor bearings may be at fault if there is a squealing noise. The blower assembly or motor might be at fault for the banging or rattling. The system may need replacing if it makes any unusual noises.
  • Making a number of repairs in a short period of time

    In some cases, the cost of replacing several parts in your heating system in short order is almost as much as buying another unit. The parts for older systems can be hard to find, which makes keeping an old system running costly. Replacement is better before the system completely fails.
  • Thermostat adjustments are constantly needed

    You might have a problem with your furnace if you can’t get the thermostat adjusted to make the rooms comfortable. There could be a problem with the way the furnace distributes the air if some rooms are very warm and others are cold. It may be time to replace your heating system if the temperature in your home varies from room to room.
  • Cycling for short periods

    Your home’s temperature is controlled by the thermostat. Short cycling is the process of your heating system switching on and off for short periods of time. The system can shut down due to the heat exchanger overheating. A short cycling heating system will decrease its efficiency and could signify a serious problem.
Having a heating system is essential. Your furnace may need to be replaced if you experience any of these problems. Schedule an appointment now for heating service in Mesa, AZ with Velocity Mechanical LLC, or call us today at (480) 688-7078.