Things To Expect During An Air Conditioner Installation

Things To Expect During An Air Conditioner Installation

Can you imagine living in a closed room without an air conditioner during sweltering summers? At least with where climate change is taking us (or is it us making the climate change?), probably not. That is why you need to be aware and take note of what to expect and what not to expect during an air conditioner installation. That is, if you already have an AC unit, then proper and regular maintenance becomes the key. 

Coming to the installation or maintenance for that case, you may be thinking that you could do it yourself. But beware that this is a tough bet since you may end up having your costly cooling unit breaking down frequently and have a shorter lifespan. So, be it your AC or furnace, it’s always crucial to hire a licensed HVAC contractor, who is also NATE-certified, with a lot of experience in the industry like Air Conditioning in Installation, Mesa, AZ

Once you have hired your reputed professional who you are to trust with your AC, there are a few things you should expect:

Home visit

Once the hiring part is over, they’ll visit you to assess the design of your house to determine the most suitable place to install the:

  1. Indoor cabinet 
  2. Condenser
  3. Vents
  4. Register
  5. Air ducts

For a ductless unit, they would go for installing the condenser unit and air handlers in your home. Then, they would either measure the total floor area and perform a Manual J HVAC load calculation to decide on the most suitable AC for your requirements. During the initial visit, talks about an accurate quote for the entire job would also come up. If you accept this, the installation will commence. 


In case you have an old one to replace, it should be removed first. This would be what the technicians would first go for once they are done with the initial visit and sizing. Once the old unit is out of the way, the installation of the new unit will take just less than a day to complete. 

Air conditioner installation

Once all the preparations are over, the actual installation starts with the setting up of the outdoor unit. First, the unit will be firmly secured to the ground, followed by installing the indoor cabinet. Then comes the refrigerant tubing and the electrical wires. When the new air ducts, air vents, and registers are installed, all the components are good to go. Finally, the unit is plugged into a power outlet. 


Once everything is in place, testing if everything is plugged at the right places, turns on, and works well is the next task. After that, the technicians will go over both the internal and external units and measure the indoor temperature against the thermostat’s temperature setting. 

User education

Finally, it’s all the necessary paperwork and collecting of payment. But before they do this, the lead technician would explain to you how the cooling system works. Thus, giving you an insight into the signs you should look out for in case of a problem. 

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