Tips to Fix a Freezing AC

Tips to Fix a Freezing AC

It’s amongst the most frequent problems when a home’s air conditioner freezes. Don’t be fooled by the solid ice that the frosty failure leaves on your unit; the problem will heat your house and possibly even your temper. Contact an AC contractor in Mesa, AZ, to fix this as soon as possible.


1. Limited Airflow

The intended heat exchange cannot occur if the evaporator coil is not exposed to sufficient airflow. Experts for air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, say that clogged ductwork or a dirty filter may cause obstructed airflow. When moisture in the air contacts the coil, it condenses on the surface.

2. Too Little Heat

Lower outside temperatures result in a drop in pressure inside the unit, which causes the coils to become too cold. When the nighttime temperature outside reaches 65° F, turn off the air conditioner for your safety.

3. Broken or Malfunctioning AC Parts

Verify the refrigerant line for kinks. Is the fan misaligned or dinged? You require the assistance of an AC contractor in Mesa, AZ, if it is beyond repair. Or perhaps the entire unit needs to be changed.

4. Low Refrigerant

Some HVAC professionals may attempt to persuade you that your air conditioner needs to be “recharged”. Avoid falling for this con. If the refrigerant is low, it leaks and needs to be fixed. When the coil’s temperature drops below freezing, airborne moisture condenses and freezes.


1. Remove the Central Air Conditioner's Power

Finding your home’s breaker box and turning off the power are the first steps in air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ. Avoid attempting to de-ice the air conditioner. Defrosting can take one to twenty-four hours. You can drain any accumulated water around the system once it has defrosted.

2. Activate the Blower or Fan

Turn on the blower or fan while defrosting a frozen air conditioner to help move air and dry the coils. To remove extra moisture from the coils of the frozen air conditioning system, you can also use a hair dryer. Using an air dryer, use a low-temperature setting to prevent coil damage.

3. Check for Issues

The most typical reason for a frozen air conditioner is dirty air filters. Because clogged air filters obstruct airflow, the air cannot interact with the evaporator coils. Your system should be able to identify the issue once it has thawed accurately.

Reducing any furniture and appliances from your home that could block supply vents if your air conditioner is freezing up is vital. Additionally, experts advise checking your condenser coils and fins to see if dirt and debris obstruct airflow in your home. When removing grime, be extremely gentle.

Your home’s air conditioner might be frozen due to a dirty air filter or condenser coils. Another possibility is a refrigerant leak, which requires specialized tools and gear. Call a certified HVAC technician for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

4. Restart the Air Conditioner

Contact a qualified HVAC technician immediately if your air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly. Set the thermostat to the desired setting after resetting the breaker to the ON position. You ought to feel the cool air from the vents shortly.


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