Make a Dinner Date at Home with Your Friends this Spring

Make a Dinner Date at Home with Your Friends this Spring


If you’re planning on having guests over this spring but want to make it easier, check out this guide from Velocity Mechanical, LLC. Being a host doesn’t mean you have to stress over cleaning your home to perfection and cooking all day. Our tips will help you improve the presentation of your home and make guests feel comfortable. The best thing about entertaining should be the laughs and conversation you share, so use this guide to make the rest a little easier to accomplish. Our AC maintenance service in Gilbert, AZ can also lend comfort to your evening.

  1. Pre-Dinner Planning. Pick a simple one-dish main course and a salad to make and write down all the ingredients ahead for one trip to the grocery. Remember beverages, napkins, and dessert.
  2. Quickly tidy for the evening. Wipe down surfaces in the kitchen and dining area and grab knick-knacks to create a clean and welcoming environment.
  3. Have fun with the entry. The first impression when guests walk in the door should set a relaxed and fun tone, but you don’t want to look sloppy. Now that the weather is getting warmer by the day, move extra coats to hall closets and keep racks and shoe areas clear enough for guests to set down their belongings when they enter. Place a brightly colored rug inside the front door to welcome your friends and also catch any dirt on their shoes. A small flower in a fun vase in your entry window or on a side table will show guests you did something special for them and also create a springy feel to your home.
  4. Make use of the famous kitchen gathering spot. Somehow, we always seem to gather around the kitchen when we entertain. Guests want to be near their host and you want to plate the meal while it’s hot and ready to be served. Make this a comfy area for guests by offering them a seat at barstools if your kitchen has an island. Have a bottle of wine or pitcher of iced tea and glasses ready so guests can make themselves at home while you finish the meal preparations.velocitymechanical4
  5. Transition the meal to the dinner table. By serving plates for your guests with them in the kitchen, everyone can take a plate and some flatware to the table, saving you the step of creating formal place settings.
  6. Keep everyone comfortably cool. No one wants to sweat through the meal, even if you made a killer oven-roasted dinner. Remember to take the oven and extra guests into account when adjusting the thermostat for the company, you may want to set it slightly cooler than normal.

We know your dinner will be a hit with these tips! Remember to get your seasonal AC maintenance service in Gilbert, AZ performed by Velocity Mechanical, LLC today so you’re ready to dine in all spring and summer long. Call us at 480-688-7078.

4 Tips To Avoid Health Risks With Your AC

4 Tips To Avoid Health Risks With Your AC


People love staying fresh, and thanks to the wonders of Air Conditioning, that’s been a reality for most for over 100 years now. In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the first modern AC system, and life has been wonderful ever since. If you know the joys of feeling a delightful breeze on the hottest days of summer, and your AC installation service in Mesa, AZ worked like a charm from day one. However, as time goes by AC systems could start to pose a risk for health if we don’t take the proper measures. That’s why, we at Velocity Mechanical, LCC, not only take our service and profession very seriously but also the well-being of our beloved customers. Today, we’d like to share with you some tips on how to keep your AC system as refreshing and friendly as always, without interfering with your health.

New is always better

This doesn’t mean that you have to get a new AC system every time you see an amazing work of art in the catalog. But, asking yourself if it’s been with your family for over 8 years, it might be a good idea at least to consider replacing it. Ideally, you should replace it every 10 years. Old and poorly maintained systems can cause respiratory problems and increase the chances of spreading diseases. Those risks can be minimized by consciously evaluating and assessing if now is the right time to get a new shiny friendly new installation.


Clean the air ducts

Though the process itself hasn’t scientifically proved any health benefits. Mold or buildup of dust can be a hazard. During summer, AC systems produce humidity in the indoor area, and with condensation, it can leave the door open to mold. To avoid this, hiring a professional maintenance service before running it for the first time in a while is advised. During the cold months of the year, no one really turns the AC on, so it’s very likely that it will collect dust. Not having it cleaned by professionals, could mean that all that dust will end up in your nose, and we all know that’s never a good feeling.

Change the filters periodically

This is one of the most basic things you can do that will spare you and your family some trouble in the future. Old filters lose their effectiveness within time and start collecting dust particles which block the airflow and could let allergens, pesticides and other irritants come into your home without being welcomed.

Always go to a professional

Once the AC installation service in Mesa, AZ has been taken care of, doesn’t mean the work is done. Professional technicians whose life is dedicated to the care and maintenance of Air Conditioning systems should be the only ones installing, inspecting, repairing and cleaning them. We have over 20 years of experience in the business, with highly trained and efficient professionals that are focused on delivering the best service, no one but the best should be in touch with your AC at home. And we’re always happy to help.
If you think your AC has been around for longer than it should, we at Velocity Mechanical, LCC are always available to give it a thoroughly check. We have 24/7 call support so you don’t have to spend a single second with a faulty or an old AC system. For us, your health and satisfaction are more important than anything else. Give us a call today at (480) 688-7078.