AC Maintenance Service in Gilbert AZ

AC Maintenance Service in Gilbert AZ

Environmental temperatures during the hot summer months are usually higher in the state of Arizona than in most states in the north and eastern parts of the United States. This means the air conditioning needs of homeowners and businesses in Gilbert and other cities in the state of Arizona normally increase during summer. This also means there is a huge demand for AC maintenance services in Gilbert AZ.

Velocity Mechanical LLC is a full-service HVAC company offering both commercial and residential air conditioner installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement service which has been serving local residents for years.

AC Maintenance Service

Air conditioners have many components, some of which are moving while others are stationary. As you may already know, moving parts wear out with time if they are not properly lubricated. As they wear out, these parts start to produce unusual noises that can make your home or business premises less comfortable.

During AC maintenance, Velocity Mechanical technicians will lubricate the fans to reduce friction, wearing of parts, and noise. They will also replace air filters and clean all the coils in the cooling system. Every other component in the system will also be cleaned to remove dust that may have settled on them. The thermostat may also need to be recalibrated or replaced if it has a serious problem.

If you have a split ductless AC system, the area around the condenser unit will also be cleared to remove plants growing around the condenser or any other object which may obstruct airflow to the unit. The level of the coolant in the system will also be checked and recharged, if necessary.

Importance of Maintenance

Once the Velocity Mechanical LLC specialists are done with the maintenance works, you can expect your air conditioner to perform better than before. You can also expect your energy bills to reduce significantly. The level of noise produced will also be below.

More importantly, however, AC maintenance will help to prevent AC breakdowns. We are the best AC Contractor in Mesa AZ and We also offer AC repair in Mesa AZ, air conditioning Installation in Mesa AZHVAC repair in Mesa AZ