AC Maintenance Service Mesa AZ

AC Maintenance Service Mesa AZ

Air conditioning machines are complex systems with many distinct components that perform different functions. For instance, they have a thermostat, which acts as the temperature sensor and control system of the air conditioner. There is also the air filter responsible for removing airborne particles from the air.

Another important component is the evaporator coil. Its main purpose is to extract heat from air moving over the coils with the aim of lowering its temperature. There are many other components that work together to lower the temperature of the air in an enclosed space.

Since these components can wear out with time, routine maintenance is needed every now and then. Most HVAC companies offer AC maintenance services, but they are not all the same. Velocity Mechanical LLC is an HVAC company that has a great reputation with the residents of Mesa AZ.

AC Maintenance Service in Mesa AZ

Filter replacement and lubrication are the most important tasks that are performed during AC maintenance. All the moving parts in the system are either greased or oiled to reduce both friction and noise.

However, this is only done after cleaning. Usually, the HVAC technicians disassemble the air conditioner and clean every part, including the air ducts, coils and fan blades. Since the air filter is the dirtiest part of the system, it must be replaced. Loose electrical connections should also be tightened.

If the thermostat is not functioning as required, it can either be recalibrated or replaced altogether.

Velocity Mechanical LLC Services

The company has NATE-certified installers, repair experts and maintenance teams. All the technicians have been professionally trained. They possess a lot of experience in the industry, which means they can handle any type of problem they encounter.

For quality workmanship and service, be sure to contact Velocity Mechanical LLC. Be sure to also visit their website to request a quote or schedule a maintenance service.

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