AC Repair Service in Tempe AZ

AC Repair Service in Tempe AZ

Information on AC repair services


Warm weather has arrived and soon many will be turning on their air conditioners to find relief. Air conditioning keeps us cool and comfortable but if air conditioners are not functioning as they should, they may need attention from an AC contractor in Mesa, AZ.

It is important to note that an air conditioning repair service includes a visual inspection of all AC components, a full system performance test, state of charge and system control tests, a leak test, and a dye detection test.

There are signs and indications that your air conditioner may need repair service such as if you notice that the air coming from your vents is not as cold as it used to be.

Keep in mind; over time debris can get stuck inside you’re AC vents and prevent cool air from coming through. When you need services of HVAC repair in Mesa, AZ. Velocity Mechanical LLC is an excellent choice. For more information contact us.

In addition, there could also be a problem with the thermostat. If there is a problem with the thermostat, certain parts of your home will feel cool, while other parts of your home will stay at the same temperature.

If you see moisture around or near your system, that could also be a concern. It could be a refrigerant problem and such as problem could cause serious health problems.

Strange noises coming from your air conditioner may also require help from an AC specialist. Noise could mean that something is wrong inside the unit and that could be an expensive repair.

Strange odors could be another concern. Strange odors often mean that the wire insulation has burned out. If you notice a musty smell, that could mean that mold is inside you AC. Find out how air conditioning repair Mesa, AZ can help you with your a/c needs!

To conclude, warm weather has arrived! If your air conditioner is not working as it should, talk with an AC specialist today and enjoy the cool!