What Will Happen If We Do Not Service Our Air Conditioner?

Among the essential household appliances are your cooling systems. They’re probably also some of the most expensive to fix or replace. Thankfully, most HVAC systems can keep you comfortable for many years with little more than some simple maintenance.

If AC maintenance is neglected, the following things may happen:

Increasing Electricity Costs

A declining air conditioner will require more energy to operate than usual. Because of this, you can anticipate an increase in your electrical expenses.

More Service Requests

You may avoid most air conditioner issues with routine maintenance. Regular maintenance will catch problems early if they do, so you won’t have to call for emergency air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

Unreliable Operation

You will lose your ease of mind if your air conditioner malfunctions on one of the hottest days of summer. Unfortunately, using an AC without regular maintenance exposes you to that risk.

Reduced Life

When you see an AC’s expected service life from the manufacturer is 10 to 15 years, remember that this assumes regular maintenance. You can shave off half of that time without maintenance.

Reduced Capacity

Without routine maintenance, such as cleanings and tune-ups, an air conditioner won’t be able to perform as well. Your house won’t stay as cold as you would like it to be, and you’ll quickly start noticing that some rooms are hotter than they should be.

Higher Air Pollution

The air conditioner is a necessary component of the HVAC system in your home. A neglected air conditioner will gather a lot of dust and debris that will degrade its airflow.

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4 HVAC Service Tips To Assist You In Selecting The Best Provider

Professional AC contractors in Mesa, AZ, may quickly provide the services required to maintain a comfortable and secure interior atmosphere while keeping their customers’ HVAC systems operating reliably. They offer several essential HVAC services that increase the system’s lifespan and decrease yearly operating expenses.

Advice on choosing the finest HVAC company


It’s important to research potential HVAC experts by reading reviews and asking around friends and neighbors. You should study their credentials and license to help you find the best specialist for your needs.

Additionally, you ought to learn more about the type and upkeep of the system you own. Your professional will better grasp your demands after reading more about your system.


Hiring a skilled professional to work on the HVAC system in your home is a serious endeavor that you should not rush into. Before the technicians pick up their tools, you should clearly understand the task.

Always submit a comprehensive quote for the price you anticipate being paid. Never hesitate to ask clarification or questions regarding the work being done in your house.

Customer Testimonials

You can also give the HVAC company a call to speak with actual clients who have used their services and ask questions about them directly. You can choose the best specialist for your system with the help of these consumers’ reviews.

Customers will provide information about their budget and performance. You could get information regarding their credibility by asking them if the service was completed on time.

Look for References

You can get a variety of recommendations and opinions about a business from people. Referrals provide accurate information about a company’s reputation because the market offers many possibilities but cannot guarantee them.

You will learn about various HVAC companies’ different services when you read about them. Velocity Mechanical is here to assist you with any problems you are encountering.

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Why Is Your AC Unit Making A Humming Sound?

A humming sound inside your air conditioner is an indication that it needs repair. Your entire HVAC system communicates with one another. Your air conditioner requires adequate airflow to function efficiently. 

The air filter allows air to pass through, and the blower motor in the furnace moves air throughout the entire system to heat or cool your home. It can cause issues with your condenser unit outside if the air filter is dirty or the blower motor fails. 

Hire an expert AC contractor in Mesa, AZto provide unmatched air conditioning repair, installation, and tune-up services.

Causes of a Humming Sound in a cooling system:

  • Condenser Fan Motor

In this case, the condenser fan motor could not spin but is still connected to power, causing resistance that results in a pronounced and often a loud-humming sound.

  • Relay Switch

The relay switch is responsible for starting the outdoor unit when the indoor temperature reaches the required cooling level. It may be malfunctioning mechanically or electrically. 

It is possible to hear a humming sound when the contractor malfunctions. You can find the switch outside your home in the condenser unit.

  • Overload

It is overloaded; normally, your circuit breaker trips if it becomes overloaded. If the faulty circuit breaker cannot shut off, you will hear an electrical humming sound.

  • Ice on the Condenser

If your unit freezes up, you will hear a loud buzzing or humming sound. A frozen air conditioner may also be caused by a refrigerant leak, a clogged air filter, or a damaged blower motor. Often, a broken blower motor creates a buzzing or humming sound and is located in your furnace. 

Your furnace may be mistaken for the humming noise source if installed close to the condenser. Find out whether the humming or buzzing is louder near the condenser unit or the furnace when the AC is running.

  • Broken Motor

As with a broken blower motor, a broken condenser fan motor can also cause a humming noise when it malfunctions. If your indoor blower is running, but the fan is not turning, your fan motor may emit a loud buzz. 

Some perceive this sound as more of a hum than a buzz. Failure of this component can be caused by debris rattling against the condenser, overgrowth near the unit, loose parts, etc.

  • Loose Components

There are many moving parts in your HVAC system, so loose components can lead to problems. Due to normal wear and tear, parts get loose over time. A loose part may result in premature wear and loud sounds, such as humming. Get in touch with a professional for air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ.

Installation Services

Your air conditioner doesn’t need to be replaced because it makes a humming sound inside. When we handle your HVAC repair needs or air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZyou can rest assured you’re getting the best value for your money. 

Velocity Mechanical LLC. can help you with HVAC services like installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. We provide skilled technicians for all your HVAC needs.

How To Take Care of Your Air Conditioning in Summer?

Summer has arrived and it’s time to turn on the air conditioner! It’s critical to maintain your air conditioner so that it functions properly, to keep your house cool and pleasant.

This blog will discuss some strategies for keeping your air conditioner in good working order over the summer. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to stay cool all season!

  •  Choose a room temperature that isn’t too cold. During the summer heat, set your air conditioning unit between 24°C and 28°C during the summer heat. As a result, your body will benefit from the cooling environment while inside while also avoiding the temperature disparity outside; as a general guideline, set your air conditioner 12 degrees below the outside air temperature.
  •  Changing or cleaning the air filter regularly is one of the most critical things you can do to keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently. A clogged air filter limits air movement through your air conditioner and may also cause it to freeze, resulting in costly repairs.
  •  It would help if you cleaned your return air ducts in addition to cleaning the filter. Duct covers filled with lint, dust, and debris restrict airflow and make your system work harder, reducing its lifespan and efficiency. To ensure that appropriate airflow reaches your HVAC unit, vacuum these ducts every time you clean the room.
  •  Another technique to increase your air conditioner’s effectiveness is to inspect the wiring in the condensing unit for signs of overheating or deterioration. Before you begin, remember to switch off the air conditioner. If you notice burned, frayed, or broken wires, schedule an HVAC Repair in Mesa AZ by a professional.
  •  One of the best things you can do if you have a programmable thermostat is to set it to cool your house down before you go home. You won’t have to wait for the air conditioner to turn on, and you’ll be able to enjoy the cold air as soon as you enter. Furthermore, by only cooling your house when needed, programmable thermostats may help you save money on your energy cost. So, if you want to maintain your air conditioner functioning well, make sure it’s correctly programmed.
  •  Before the summer begins, you must engage in an annual tune-up. Most HVAC companies provide tune-up services to ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency. Tightening all electrical connections, lubricating fans, and cleaning the system are part of a tune-up. The expert will check the coolant levels and detect more significant concerns, such as refrigerant leaks, that can occur after years of usage, and then repair the damage to restore your air conditioner’s high performance. Similar to tuning up your automobile, tuning up your air conditioner will make it more energy-efficient and help you prevent severe malfunctions in the future.

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Purchasing a New Air Conditioner? Things to Consider

Summer can get hot in Mesa. There’s still time to check if the AC unit on your property is working efficiently and will provide comfort in the months ahead.

Before getting in touch with a reliable AC Contractor in Mesa, AZ, it’s good to note down a few things you may want to discuss with your contractor before purchasing a new AC.

What Size to Buy?

The capacity of an AC is measured in tonnes, which is its cooling capacity. Tonnage is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units). A BTU is your AC’s energy to remove heat from any area in an hour. A 1-ton air conditioner would be able to remove 12,000 BTUs of heat each hour. To calculate your AC tonnage, multiply the total square feet of your home x 25. This is the total number of BTUs you will need to cool your home. Next, divide the BTU value by 12,000 to get the cargo you need.

For example, if your house is 1000 square feet, BTUs would be 25000 (1000 x 25), and AC would be 2.01 tonnes (25000 / 12000). A 2.0 tonne AC would therefore provide the cooling that your home needs.

Does SEER Rating Matter?

SEER is the measure of your AC’s cooling efficiency. The higher the SEER, the more energy efficiency. SEER rating takes several factors into accounts, such as the size of your home, its location, and specific cooling needs. Since Arizona experiences hot summers, your AC’s SEER rating needs to be 16 or higher to give you optimal energy efficiency.

How Much Does an AC Cost?

The cost of a central air conditioner would depend on its size and BTU. A 1.5 tonne AC with 18,000 BTUs would cost $1,920 – $2,125, whereas a 5 tonne AC with 60000 BTUs could cost you between $3,744 – $3,799. This does not include installation charges, which could be anything between $3000 to $7000.

Which Brand to Buy?

There are several well-known AC brands in Arizona. These include Trane, Reem, Lennox, and Bryant, all of which have more or less similar models. It doesn’t matter which one you choose so long as you don’t compromise on your comfort.

Whom Should I Contact for Air Conditioning Installation in Mesa, AZ?

Choosing the right one would largely depend on your first meeting with the contractor. Some contractors check your requirements and budget and inspect your home before giving you an estimate, while others produce a catalog of models with prices without evaluating your house.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Our technicians have many years of experience in AC installation and HVAC Repair in Mesa, AZ. We will visit your home and check out all parameters before giving you a detailed diagnostic estimate. We pick up calls immediately and are ready to assist at the earliest convenience.

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