Seven Things To Consider Before Installing An Air Conditioner

The heat outside can be very uncomfortable. And now, with the pandemic, we are spending more time inside our homes. Therefore we need to make our homes more comfortable, and the best way to do that is to install an air conditioner. 

With the different types of models and brands of air conditioners in the market, it must be difficult to choose one. B So, to make the process smooth, here are seven things to consider before installing an air conditioner.

Before you make the big decision

Before you pay to install any new electric appliance in your home, you need to make sure everything’s safe and sound. Make sure that the people coming for air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, is trustworthy, professional, and efficient. You would also need to know the models, brands, and equipment they use. So here are seven things to consider before installing an air conditioner.

Make the workers check the duct.

Make the company and contractors come and look at your ductwork. If the ductwork is not perfect, it could affect the airflow leading to reduced efficiency of the air conditioner unit. If the duct system is bad, the company may have to reroute, reconnect, or reseal to ensure good airflow.

You should not take advice from relatives/friends living in another location.

The efficiency of your AC unit depends on your location. Every company working with ACs will know the problems people face in the climate of your location. Therefore don’t take unnecessary advice from anyone and only trust the contractors.

Consult your contractors for the right size

Electrical appliances don’t need to be big to be efficient. In the case of air conditioners, the units are referred to as “ tons of refrigeration” and range from 1 to five. It’s best to know which ton is suitable for your home, and in case you need to change the unit, use another ton. Do not buy a bigger unit without consulting your contractor.

If your case is to buy a new unit to replace your unit, just contact your contractor from the air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZand ask for the best deals. In the case of changing both outdoor and indoor units, it’s better to change both at the same time.  

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Benefits Of Immediate Air Conditioning Repair

The hot weather is unbearable for all of us. But do you know what is even more unbearable? The breaking down of your air conditioner unit during the hot days of summer. 

To prevent this from happening, the air conditioner unit should be maintained regularly. But even after maintenance, the unit ( big or small) can break down due to external factors like weather, dust accumulation, ice, etc. 

No matter the problem, even if it’s a minor thing, you should look for immediate repair. Immediate repairs and long-term repair are where air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ, comes in. 

Benefits of Immediate air conditioner repair

  • Extended lifespan

Repairs, especially long-term ones, can be very costly. Immediate repairs, as in repairs done within 24 hours, can be small and inexpensive. The more time is given to the complication, the more it will grow into a major problem, which will require a lot of time and money to repair. 

Therefore immediate repairs are better, and they can prevent your AC unit from forming major problems. This can extend the unit’s lifespan, and major drawbacks can be reduced in its lifetime. The more efficient lifespan your unit has, the more comfort you get. 

  • Easier maintenance 

Maintenance of your air conditioner unit requires daily care and inspection. Daily inspection can detect any complications, which can be resolved by contacting any air conditioning repair in Mesa, AZ. With early detection and resolving minor complications, maintenance and preventing future problems will become far easier than before. 

  • Resale value 

No one is going to buy a faulty AC unit. Therefore it’s important to look after your unit if you want the option of selling it. Regular maintenance and repairs should be done to keep the unit in good shape. 

  • Environment impact 

The more complications your unit has, the more it has to strive to give a good performance. This can lead to the release of many harmful gases into the atmosphere, creating drastic impacts on the environment. One person can make a change by reducing the carbon emissions, which can be done by daily maintenance and repair of the unit. Bad units can also cause poisonous fungus and bacteria to grow, which could be harmful to your family members. Therefore repairs and maintenance are essential.

You can contact any centers specializing in air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ, for immediate repairs for your unit. If you don’t, a minor inconvenience will grow into a larger and more damaging problem. 

Take, for example, clogged ducts. Clogged ducts are common trouble found in air conditioner units. It’s caused due to the accumulation of dust and debris in the ducts. It’s a problem that is largely caused due to negligence and can lead to very poor performance. If the ducts were cleaned regularly and small repairs are done, there wouldn’t become a major problem.

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How Much Does HVAC Repair and Maintenance Cost?

To shield your HVAC appliances and sustain their functionality, it is important to pick a specialist for expert repair and maintenance assistance. The longer the furnace or air conditioner operates, the higher load it experiences. This intensified load on the HVAC system can diminish energy performance, and your HVAC appliances can lead to malfunction. 

Without proper attention, the overburdened machine can tear down before it subsists out its customary lifespan. Hence, it is important to pick an expert HVAC repair Mesa AZ to enhance the power efficiency along with maximizing your HVAC’s lifespan. 

Maintenance cost of HVAC system

When it comes to analyzing the repair and maintenance cost of an HVAC system and making payments, many homeowners usually get perplexed and overwhelmed. Hence it is always advised that you must always schedule regular 

HVAC maintenance to avoid huge repair costs in case of breakdown due to non-maintenance. This expert HVAC maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner and furnace are operating at their regular state for more moderate electricity bills and diminished repairs. 

In addition to this, preventive maintenance is also imperative for preserving your unit’s warranty intact and enhancing the performance, effectiveness, and lifespan of your HVAC system. The mediocre cost that you can anticipate paying for regular maintenance of your HVAC system can range anywhere between $70-$120 for an expert tune-up. 

However, it is advised that you must get in touch with your HVAC contractor and understand if there is any sort of special seasonal discount or special offers available on HVAC maintenance. 

The repair cost of the HVAC system 

While the maintenance cost of an HVAC system does not fluctuate much, the repair costs of the HVAC appliances can vary according to the nature of assistance required. However, the mediocre cost of central HVAC repairs is approximate $200-$400. In addition to this, mentioned below are some average costs for normal HVAC repairs. 

  • $20-$50 for repairing or inserting a new condensate draining tube
  • $250-$450 for repairing or installing a new condensate strain pump
  • $250-$575 for repairing or installing new AC duct pans
  • $75-$250 for repairing or installing a new flush sewer line
  • $250-$750 for refrigerant repair or recharge
  • $200-$1,500 to fix a refrigerant leakage
  • $1,400-$2,100 to replace or repair a compressor
  • $200-$650 to fix outside fan engine
  • $75-$290 to repair rollers, brakes, or fuses
  • $1,900-$2,900 to replace or repair condenser roll
  • $50-$100 for a regular service charge

The prices mentioned above are the average cost that is usually charged by HVAC contractors in Mesa AZ. However, these prices can vary from one HVAC company to another. If you are looking for a reliable HVAC repair and maintenance contractor in Mesa AZ and nearby areas then you must undoubtedly choose the industry expert – Velocity Mechanical LLC. 

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Why Is Hiring A Quality AC Installer Is Essential?

It is hard to imagine our lives without air conditioners at our homes and offices, and the need for an air conditioner is even more during the peak of summer months. But if you are trying to get a new air conditioning system installed in your home, then instead of hiring any AC installer randomly, hire a professional because air conditioning systems are costly, and you don’t want to repair or replace them within a short period of installation. Read on to learn more. 

How hiring a quality AC installer helps you? 

Since many AC installers are claiming to be professionals, you must do proper research and hire an installer who provides the best air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ. Here are some reasons explaining how hiring a quality AC installer can help you. 

  • Chooses an ideal air conditioner for your home 

You need to consider various things before choosing an air conditioner. Usually, we get more inclined towards air conditioning systems that are affordable. It might be a reasonable criterion for selecting an air conditioner, but it is not the only criterion. You must consider air conditioner brands, the size of your home, and air quality concerns. A professional installer keeps all the required factors and selects the ideal air conditioner for your home. 

  • Ensures safety 

An air conditioner installation might look like a simple task, but it involves many risks and challenges. Trying DIY methods for AC installation is not a good option, as you can harm yourself, your family members, and your home. While installing an air conditioner, you will have to work with fan blades, sharp metallic pieces, and electrical parts. So, hiring a professional is the best choice as they are well-versed in using these tools. 

  • Experience 

We all know that there are various types of air conditioners, varying in models, shapes, sizes, and colors. All the reasons why all air conditioners are installed similarly. Every air conditioner comes with different physical features and needs to be installed accordingly. So, if you try to install it by watching a youtube tutorial or following the installation procedure of your old air cooling system, you might end up facing a lot of problems. 

  • Energy-efficient use 

Even a minor mistake made during your AC installation can cause you potential problems like hefty utility bills. If not installed properly, an air conditioner faces issues like air leaks, which force your air conditioning system to work harder to reach the desired temperature. It might not be visible at first and looks like it is working fine, but you will be surprised to see increased utility bills at the end of the month as your conditioner was consuming more energy all this time.

Thus, hiring a quality AC installer is essential to avoid all these problems. Suppose you are thinking about installing a new air conditioner. In that case, you must contact Velocity Mechanical LLC air conditioning & heating services as they provide the best air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ. 

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Common AC Installation Mistakes And Their Solutions

Summers are arriving, and it’s that time of the year when there is a huge demand for air conditioning installation in Mesa, Az, as well as services. There is no way to survive the sweltering summers of Mesa without a proper air conditioning unit.

Due to hurry or insufficient knowledge, people often end up making mistakes while installing an AC. These minor mistakes can cause huge problems in the long term. Thus, it is important to make sure you are contacting professional air conditioning installations in Mesa, AZ. They can guide as well as install the right AC unit for your safety and comfort.

7 most common mistakes while installing AC and how to avoid them

  1. Oversized/Undersized AC unit: A wrongly sized AC can perhaps cause energy disbalance, spiking up your bills. Go for an AC unit that is the right size for your home. Otherwise, you can also use a BTU calculator to know how many BTU your home requires. Then, look out for those AC units which produce the same amount of BTU.
  2. Wrongly positioned thermostat: It is essential to position the thermostat strategically. Otherwise, temperature inconsistency can occur, leading to poor functioning of the AC. Please keep it away from sunlight, windows, and doors and try to place them in halls and corridors. 
  3. Wrongly positioned AC: Just like the thermostat, the AC unit also needs to be placed in the correct place. Otherwise, there can be similar consequences of functionality issues. Try to place it in a shaded area, away from direct sunlight and plenty of clear space around it. 
  4. Poor insulation: A liquid gas component called refrigerant is responsible for running an AC. It travels from the condenser to AC’s interior through a line called the refrigerant line. As the line is exposed to other elements, improper insulation may lead to undue strain on AC.
  5. Incorrect positioning of vents: In the case of a central air conditioning system, you’ll need to install vents too, which are crucial to be placed correctly. For example, the best place to mount vents is at the top of the walls.
  6. Failing to check leaks: A refrigerant is like blood to AC; hence, any refrigerant leaking out can be a huge issue. During installation, any punctures may lead to leakages in the future. This can heavily affect the functioning of your AC unit and cost you a hefty amount over time.
  7. Handling with no experience: The installation of an AC unit is not a simple task. Therefore it is of utmost importance to take help only from professional air conditioning installation in Mesa, AZ. Unless you’ve got good experience in this, you should avoid handling it yourself and leave it to professionals.

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