3 Main Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Current AC System

3 Main Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Current AC System

There is nothing better than being able to go out and about on a pleasant summer day. Coming home though, you may feel hot and bothered. The entire day you have been looking forward to cracking up the AC, then you remember – it’s broken again! This is when you need to start giving thought to the idea of finding an AC replacement service in Chandler AZ.

We all know how hot Phoenix can become during those scorching summer days! This is why often times a well-functioning air conditioning unit gets placed high on the list of priorities.

Maybe you have had your air conditioning system for a while now? Perhaps it is the same system that the house had installed when you first moved in? Air conditioning units simply don’t last forever and an old or damaged system can start to cause expensive problems.

You may be noticing that keeping your home cool is costing you more each month. Even worse perhaps your AC is not cooling down your home at all! This is where a trusted AC replacement service in Chandler AZ comes in handy.

Before you contact an AC replacement service in Chandler AZ though, there are a few signs that you may want to look out for that show your air conditioning might be on it’s way out.

Spending More on Energy Bills

Are you noticing that your energy bills are beginning to rise or perhaps your cooling unit stays on for a lot longer? This is a sign of a unit that is starting to go on the fritz. This could be due to a lack of maintenance or it may simply have reached the end of its lifespan.

Modern air conditioning systems are much more energy efficient than their predecessors. Meaning that a new unit will cost you a lot less, thanks to their leap in efficiency.

Your Home is No Longer The Same Size As It Used To Be

If your current system was installed by a professional air conditioning company, precise measurements related to square footage and power of the unit being installed should have been recorded. These calculations are made to ensure that your unit is the ideal size for your home.

If you have improved your home by adding additional space or re-arranging the layout, you may need to reconsider the size of the air conditioning unit you have installed. This is if you are looking for a top-performance unit.

Frequent Services

If more services are becoming a familiar part of your schedule, it may be time to avoid these costly repairs and replace your aging AC system.

Do any of these symptoms ring bells? If this is the case it may be a wise choice to contact a professional AC replacement service in Chandler AZ before your system starts causing you headaches.

So, the question is are you ready to get rid of the old, costly unit and opt for a newer, more efficient model? If your answer is yes, then great! You are right where you need to be.

Velocity Mechanical, LLC wants to help you and the best part of it is all you have to do is take a short visit to our Contact Us page or call us at (480)-688-7078. Let us tell you how we can help.


Stay Refreshed: Things To Remember When Replacing Your AC Unit

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It has been a while since you decided that you are tired of constantly trying to repair your current cooling unit. This decision led you to look for an AC replacement service in Tempe AZ.

The problem is all these air conditioning services that you are looking at either are asking for outrageous prices or simply don’t know what they are doing.

If only you could find a company that knows what they are doing and would be willing to give you advice. This would help so much when it comes to knowing what to look for when replacing your cooling unit.

Well, you are in luck because that is exactly what we intend to do.

After you read the below advise, we believe you will be more suited to choose your ideal AC replacement service in Tempe AZ. Everything you need to know in one place – exactly what you were looking for, right!

What To Consider When Looking At New Air Conditioning Units.

Size Does Matter

If you are looking for a new cooling unit, you may find yourself standing talking to a salesperson about the largest and most expensive model that they have in stock.

It’s his job to get you to spend as much money as possible.WAIT pause for a second. You can’t just buy the biggest cooling unit you can find.

Why not? surely the bigger is better principle applies to air conditioning units!

Well when it comes to the air conditioning unit’s, the size of the unit is actually crucial to a successful AC replacement.

In fact, the size of the cooling unit should be relative to the size of your home. A cooling unit that is too small for your home will cause skyrocketing utility bills. On the other hand, a cooling unit to large can compromise the quality of air circulating your home.

Do You Need A Heating And Cooling Unit?

Nowadays, thanks to the enhancement in technology we are able to provide both heating and cooling units, in one.

This is pretty useful if you need it as it will not limit the usability of your unit to only the winter or summer.

The only decision to be made is do you really need a way to stay hot during the winter nights?

Would A Programmable Thermostat Be Worth It?

Programmable thermostats are known to be slightly expensive. However, if you have a family that uses the cooling unit frequently it may not be as bad as the upfront price suggests.

This is because programmable thermostats are known to shave off up to 30% per month on your utility bills!

What Else To Consider For Your New AC Unit

The last step is one of the most important ones you will take in the process of replacing your air conditioning unit.

This is finding a company that you can trust to handle the task.

You should be looking for a company that’s honest, and willing to give you advice when it comes to maximizing the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Wait, we think we know the right AC replacement service in Tempe AZ just for you – us! All you have to do is give us a call at 480-688-7078 or visit our Contact Us page and let us handle all your cooling desires.


Why is my AC Unit Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

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Just like other Temple homeowners, you must dread the idea of your AC unit stalling in the middle of a hot summer day. Various malfunctions can affect your air conditioning unit, requiring the urgent attention of a knowledgeable AC repair service in Temple, AZ contractor today. While some of the commonest AC repair problems today ate mechanical, several electrical problems can affect the performance and efficiency of your unit or cause it to stop altogether. If your unit was running properly the day before, but is not running when you turn it on, you should first check to see if power supply to the unit is disrupted. One of the commonest problems, in this regard, is a tripped circuit breaker.

At Velocity Mechanical, LLC, we have been in this industry for a considerable period; hence have some of the most experienced AC repair technicians to identify and fix any electrical problem in your AC within a few minutes. For the years we have been offering our HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services, we have handled many problematic systems whereby the problem was just a tripped circuit breaker. Like many other homeowners today, you may be thinking that this is a simple problem, which you can simply solve by turning the circuit breaker back on. Well, this is not advisable. Instead, you need to have a professional examine the system to identify the root cause of the problem and resolve it before turning the circuit breaker on. Mentioned below are some of the commonest causes of this problem.

Dirty Coil and Outdoor cabinet

If your unit has not been maintained and cleaned by the professionals in recent past, the problem could be a dirty coil and outdoor cabinet. With time, these components accumulate dirt and debris. This, in turn, affects the efficiency with which the system releases heat to the outside. The system will then be forced to overwork in order to maintain the required indoor temperature. As a result, it will draw more amps and cause the circuit breaker to trip. The fix for this problem is to have the unit cleaned by professional HVAC repair and maintenance technicians.

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Grounded compressor

This is a rather serious electrical malfunction, which should only be fixed by a qualified AC repair service in Temple, AZ contractor. In most cases, the problem starts with broken AC wiring, which allows current to leap to the ground. When this happens, the oil within the compressor is ignited leading to a burnout. It is this power surge caused by the grounding, which will cause the circuit breaker to trip. The solution for such a problem is to have the compressor replaced.
Regardless of what is causing the circuit breaker to trip, you need to have the problem inspected by a professional and repaired before turning the breaker back on. For professional diagnosis and repair of your air conditioner, contact us today at (480) 688-7078.

Create springtime romance with heartwarming tips from Velocity Mechanical, LLC

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Spring is the season of renewal and new growth. It’s a great time to center on your relationship with your spouse and do a few things to show them you care. Making new memories and setting the stage for romance takes some effort but comes with the biggest rewards. Love and happiness together at home make life better and help you grow as a couple. While our expertise at Velocity Mechanical, LLC is all about getting your home comfortable with seasonal AC repair service in Chandler, AZ, we can’t help but think you’ll enjoy some of these ideas, too.

  • Breathe a breath of fresh air into bedroom decor. Creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom will help you and your spouse escape the stress of everyday life. All the times at hotels on vacations and honeymoons are often some of the best memories for couples because of the calm they felt during these trips. While you are adventuring during the day, you come back to a tidy, fresh feeling place to rest and relax. Instead of seeing chores to be done when you look to the pile of laundry mounting, you collapse together onto a neatly made bed. Bring the carefree feel of a hotel spa into your bedroom. Start with a hamper to neatly collect dirty clothes in the closet or an unnoticeable spot in the corner of the room. Clear the surfaces in the room as much as you can of clutter including receipts, spare change, and dusty trinkets. Make a spot in the dresser drawer for loose coins and find a functional solution to clutter. Dust off the surfaces and finish by making the bed and adding a small flower vase with a single flower to your spouse’s side table.

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  • Look for genuine opportunities to compliment your spouse. If you haven’t complimented your spouse for a while, don’t suddenly go overboard. Instead, start thinking about what you appreciate about what they do for you. Complement their attractiveness or kindness with words you really mean. Actually looking for ways you appreciate your partner will increase your awareness of why you love them and help them feel loved.
  • Spend time together trying new things. Whether it’s making a new recipe or visiting a new park, planning time together and being open minded will give you conversation and enjoyment together.
  • Make everyday at home comfortable. Don’t let the Arizona heat zap your energy or put you or your partner in a bad mood. When the house isn’t comfortably cooled, mood shifts and dehydration will degrade the day and make it harder to relax. Get AC repair service in Chandler, AZ from Velocity Mechanical, LLC today so you can enjoy home life together each day.

If it’s time for a maintenance or AC repair service in Chandler, AZ, give our team a call at 480-688-7078 today.

Make a Dinner Date at Home with Your Friends this Spring

Make a Dinner Date at Home with Your Friends this Spring


If you’re planning on having guests over this spring but want to make it easier, check out this guide from Velocity Mechanical, LLC. Being host doesn’t mean you have to stress over cleaning your home to perfection and cooking all day. Our tips will help you improve the presentation of your home and make guests feel comfortable. The best thing about entertaining should be the laughs and conversation you share, so use this guide to make the rest a little easier to accomplish. Our AC maintenance service in Gilbert, AZ can also lend comfort to your evening.

  1. Pre-Dinner Planning. Pick a simple one-dish main course and a salad to make and write down all the ingredients ahead for one trip to the grocery. Remember beverages, napkins, and dessert.
  2. Quickly tidy for the evening. Wipe down surfaces in the kitchen and dining area and grab knick-knacks to create a clean and welcoming environment.
  3. Have fun with the entry. The first impression when guests walk in the door should set a relaxed and fun tone, but you don’t want to look sloppy. Now that the weather is getting warmer by the day, move extra coats to hall closets and keep racks and shoe areas clear enough for guests to set down their belongings when they enter. Place a brightly colored rug inside the front door to welcome your friends and also catch any dirt on their shoes. A small flower in a fun vase in your entry window or on a side table will show guests you did something special for them and also create a springy feel to your home.
  4. Make use of the famous kitchen gathering spot. Somehow, we always seem to gather around the kitchen when we entertain. Guests want to be near their host and you want to plate the meal while it’s hot and ready to be served. Make this a comfy area for guests by offering them a seat at barstools if your kitchen has an island. Have a bottle of wine or pitcher of iced tea and glasses ready so guests can make themselves at home while you finish the meal preparations.velocitymechanical4
  5. Transition the meal to the dinner table. By serving plates for your guests with them in the kitchen, everyone can take a plate and some flatware to the table, saving you the step of creating formal place settings.
  6. Keep everyone comfortably cool. No one wants to sweat through the meal, even if you made a killer oven-roasted dinner. Remember to take the oven and extra guests into account when adjusting the thermostat for company, you may want to set it slightly cooler than normal.

We know your dinner will be a hit with these tips! Remember to get your seasonal AC maintenance service in Gilbert, AZ performed by Velocity Mechanical, LLC today so you’re ready to dine in all spring and summer long. Call us at 480-688-7078.