Day and Night Geothermal in Mesa

Day and Night geothermal in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, AZ, and surrounding areas


Our packaged geothermal heat pumps put energy savings and deluxe comfort all in one cabinet. These systems take advantage of the natural heating energy of the Earth and add the extra-quiet, consistent comfort of variable-speed or multi-speed operation. They provide heating and cooling solutions you can really get comfortable with.


Our hydronic geothermal heat pump combines superior geothermal efficiency with the consistent comfort of hydronic heating and cooling. This system can save even more when you add the option to generate hot water for your home.

Split systems

With the heat pump on the outside and a matched indoor unit like a furnace or fan coil, our split system geothermal heat pumps deliver superior efficiency and comfort. When paired with a gas or propane furnace, this system selects the most efficiency heating source for current conditions for even greater savings.

Are you a “go-green” citizen trying to find a way to keep your home cool while minimizing your carbon footprint?  We are familiar with the struggle of trying to stay green and stay comfortable at home. However, our experts at Velocity have a solution for you. Why not check out Day and Night geothermal in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, AZ products?

How a geothermal unit helps you minimize your carbon footprint

When it comes to staying comfortable at home – while remaining environmentally friendly, you will find no better than a geothermal unit. These units operate similarly to their peers (furnaces, and air conditioners) however, they rely only on the natural heating of the Earth. Therefore, eradicating your heating and cooling carbon footprint.

Day And Night packaged geothermal unit

Day and night logo 279x300If you want to maximize your home comfort while minimizing your carbon footprint – this is the package that you want to look into. These units provide heating and cooling solutions for your home.

  • Up to 4.3 OOP efficiency ratings (closed loop)
  • Competitive 5.2 OOP efficiency ratings (open)
  • 5 EER ratings (closed loop)
  • 30 EER ratings (open)
  • Minimizing your carbon footprint while keeping your home comfortable at the desired temperatures.

Day And Night geothermal in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, AZ – Hydronic unit

Going green on a budget can be stressful. After all, it is no cheap venture. We understand this at Velocity Mechanical, LLC. What if we had to tell you that we could not only help you go green but also save money in the long run while doing so? If you would like to hear more -than this is the package for you.

  • Option to generate hot water for your home (saving you money on utility bills)
  • 2 OOP closed system rating.
  • 8 OOP open system rating.
  • 1 EER closed system rating.
  • 7 EER open system rating.

Day And Night split systems

Are you on the search for a top-notch efficient unit that won’t break the bank? Day and Night geothermal in Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ – tend to be great investments. However, for the biggest bang for your buck – this is the package that you want to consider.

  • 6 OOP heating efficiency (closed)
  • 2 OOP heating efficiency (open)
  • 8 EER cooling rating (closed)
  • 1 cooling rating (open)

Trust Velocity Mechanical – we have been in the industry for years, and thanks to this know the best when we see it. After all, we take pride in the comfort that we provide each one of our customers. So  – are you ready to go green today? All you have to do is call us at (480) 688-7078. We also have a Contact Us page, which you should take a look at for alternative communication channels.

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