6 Essential Heating Repair Tips For Homeowners

6 Essential Heating Repair Tips For Homeowners

If you reside in Mesa, AZ and are a homeowner, you should be aware of some heating service repair tips before the cold season kicks in. Heating systems should be checked and repaired. The end of the season or the beginning of fall are ideal times. By following these guidelines, you’ll be prepared for the first cold spell, as most heating system failures occur during this time.

A well-maintained heating system could provide years of trouble-free service. However, HVAC systems occasionally fail or perform below optimal operating conditions. When this occurs, it is ideal to contact Velocity Mechanical LLC, an HVAC repair company in Mesa, AZ. Our technicians will be sent to have your system examined or checked.

6 Heating Repair Tips for Homemakers

Preventative maintenance and checkups are frequently the best way to avoid an unexpected breakdown. Here are the important repair tips for homemakers:

• Check the Thermostat

If the thermostat is giving inaccurate readings, there could be an issue with dirt or dust. Additionally, the batteries might have depleted. Remove the dust from the thermostat. Use a gentle, dry brush or a lint-free cloth to clean. Change the batteries with new ones.

• Never Overlook Filters

As an HVAC repair company in Mesa, AZ, our technicians advise regularly replacing the filter in the heating system. As per the amount of usage, switching filters at least 4 times a year, or even 10-12 times a year on heavily used systems, can significantly affect overall performance and long-term durability. In reality, systems that are in disrepair or whose filters are never changed will eventually fail and break down.

• Examine the Fuse Box

If the furnace system does not work, the breaker or switch could have been tripped, or the fuses may have been blown. Consider replacing any fuse in the box that is damaged, melted, or discolored. If the problem appears serious, contact our heating installation in Mesa, AZ

• Pilot Light Inspection

The heating system is kept running by the pilot light. It may, however, go out from time to time. It’s also a chance that there’s a leak somewhere in the system. Check for a leak if the pilot light is turned off. If there is a gas leak, do not relight the boiler.

Please turn it off immediately and contact our skilled expert to repair your heating system. If there is no leak, consult the owner’s manual to learn how to relight the device. Our HVAC experts advise you to stick to the directions given in the manual.

• Clean the Air Ducts

Keeping air ducts clean and healthy is one necessary safety approach that cannot be neglected. Cleaning air ducts yearly is essential to preventing the accumulation of bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust in the system.

This can not only result in unhealthy indoor air, but it could also end up causing a system to fail or malfunction over time. Contact us to learn about heating installation in Mesa, AZ, repair, maintenance, and servicing.

• Examine the Vents

Check all registers and vents in your residence visually to ensure they are open. If these are blocked or shuttered, the furnace cannot heat the room properly. Our heating service experts in Mesa, AZ, advise moving any objects obstructing airflow around the vents to fix this.



It’s like getting peace of mind when you discover an excellent HVAC repair company in mesa, AZ. Things can return to normal without fear of further impairment in the future. A reliable furnace repair service will reduce your time in an uncomfy residence after a breakdown.

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