7 Heating And Cooling Tips For This Winter

7 Heating And Cooling Tips For This Winter

Winter is here and preparing your home, and your HVAC system is essential to endure the cold season, which at times can be harsh. Winter storms and snow can affect pipes and HVAC systems. Preparing for the winter is essential to avoid these problems that may require expensive heating repair in Mesa, AZ.

Seven Heating and Cooling Tips to Prepare your Home for Winters

Follow a few steps to ensure you spend the winter and holiday season comfortably. Our heating service experts in Mesa, AZ, have prepared a list of steps that will help you to winterize your home and HVAC system:

  • Pack up the Air Conditioning System.

During winter, you do not require the air conditioning system in your home. In this case, cleaning it and turning off all the power switches and breakers connected to the AC system is better. Clean the outdoor unit’s interior with a vacuum and dust off the components with a brush. Wash the condenser coils with a coil cleaning agent and check the condensate drain. Pour a cup of vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda to avoid mold growth.

  • Cover the Outdoor Unit with a Tarp.

Most air conditioning and heat pumps have an outdoor unit that contains a condenser and compressor. These two units play a significant role in the cooling process, so covering the outdoor unit with a tarp or plastic cover is essential. During extreme weather conditions, like storms or snowfall, the components can get damaged when flying debris hits the unit, or the snow gets to the components. That’s why our HVAC repair in Mesa, AZ, recommend covering the unit to avoid unnecessary repairs.

  • Insulate the Outdoor Pipes.

When the temperature in winter takes a toll, the pipes running outside your house are vulnerable to damage. Day and night temperature differences can cause the metal pipes to expand and contract. The expansion and contraction of metal can cause the pipe to crack or break. Contact our heating service expert in Mesa, AZ, to insulate the pipes.

  • Clean the furnace.

Our heating repair experts in Mesa, AZ, recommend cleaning the furnace system. Dust and dirt settle over the furnace system and on the components due to sitting ideally in the attic for months. A dusty furnace can cause a burning smell to revolve in your home and degrade indoor air quality.

  • Replace the Air filter.

Air filters are essential to maintain indoor air quality in your home. It catches all the dust and pollutant particles from entering your atmosphere. However, a clean filter is capable of doing that, but a dusty filter might not be able to work efficiently. Consult our heating repair expert in Mesa, AZ, if you want to upgrade the air filter.

  • Check the Vents, Registers, and Ducts.

Ensure the vents and registers are unrestricted and clean. Moreover, clean the exhaust flue or ask our heating service in Mesa, AZ, to avoid carbon monoxide accumulation in the heating system. Inspect the duct system and call our experts if there is a massive hole or gap in the ducts, as it can lead to heat loss issues.

  • Tune up the Thermostat.

The thermostat is an integral component as it helps control the heating system. Sometimes, thermostat issues can cause the system to work improperly.

Replace the batteries, clean the thermostat interiors, update the settings, and check the electrical wiring. Moreover, if the thermostat has worn down, call our heating replacement expert in Mesa, AZ, to find a new one.


Heating maintenance service can also help prepare your heating system and home for winter. Moreover, if your heating unit is over ten years old, call our heating replacement expert in Mesa, AZ, to check whether it’s time for a replacement.

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