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furnace tune up in Mesa AZ

If you’re looking for a top-rated furnace repair in Mesa, AZ then look no further. We here at Velocity Mechanical LLC. Are here to offer you the best services that money can buy. Velocity means business and we ensure that the quality of services we offer will meet your standards. We pride ourselves on years of experience and having a highly trained staff that is, competent and dedicated to meeting your needs.

Our Services

  1. Residential/Home AC Services: The Velocity team understands how highly you value your home. It is for this reason that we have developed services catered to ensuring that your stay in your home is enjoyable. We offer the following services:
    • Repair of AC
    • Installation of AC equipment
    • Maintenance of AC
  1. Commercial Services: It is the dream of every employer to have a good working environment so that their staff can have maximum productivity. It is for this reason that we developed services geared at ensuring that the working environment for your employees is productive and to ensure that your heating and cooling needs are met. These services include:
    • Proper installation of HVAC equipment. That is we install our equipment in places that won’t interfere with your working environment. Most of our installation is on the roof to reduce noise and to ensure that you are comfortable at your place
    • Before installation, we analyze your building and we come up with a package that best fits your building’s needs. These packages include cabinets and units which are self-contained, that is why they come with a complete system
    • Repair and maintenance. We offer routine maintenance checks for our clients.

furnace tune up in Mesa

  1. Heating: Having a furnace is not enough, you should ensure that the quality of air that comes into your house is top-notch. Velocity Mechanical has services geared toward ensuring that the quality of air while using your furnace is ideal. Our experts will give you the facts about your current system, and help you make the best decision for the needs of your home or business. Our services include:
    • Furnace Repair
    • Furnace Service
    • Furnace Maintenance
    • Furnace Installation
    • Furnace Replacement
  1. Emergency services: We here at Velocity Mechanical LLC understand the great discomfort you may feel when your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold winter or when your air conditioner fails in the middle of a summer night. It’s for this reason that we established a 24/7 system to ensure that you continue having maximum comfort.

Our Products

We at Velocity believe that your home and family should maximum comfort. That is why we don’t promote or sell furnaces or air conditioners. We believe that by giving you the facts about all of the choices out there, that you will come to a great decision on your own. Not only that, but you won’t feel like we pushed you into buying a product that we are supporting for a friend or that we get a commission for selling.

I’m Sold, Where Should I Call?

We pride ourselves on doing the best furnace tune-up in Mesa, AZ. For more information, you can contact us at 480-688-7078. The team at Velocity is always here to meet your air conditioning and heating needs.

Tips to Make your HVAC More Cost Effective


Now that the winter is here, you should expect to pay more for your energy as a result of increased consumption by the heating system in your Chandler, AZ home.

This is particularly the case for homeowners who have not had professional heating services in Chandler, AZ area carried out on their heating systems for a while. If you are trying to go green like many of the homeowners in Chandler, you must be wondering how you can reduce energy consumption in your home this winter.

Basically, it is possible to reduce the much you pay in utility bills by up to 30 percent today. Much of the energy used in your home during the winter months will be consumed by the heating system. As such, you need to have your HVAC upgraded or replaced for improved efficiency. In this regard, the following are several of the ways you can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Have a Digital Thermostat Installed

As compared to traditional thermostats, digital thermostats have a comparatively higher degree of accuracy. Having been in this business for a considerable period, our heating and cooling experts will tell you that digital thermostats tend to regulate the on and off function of your heating and cooling system more accurately. As a result, such a thermostat will ensure that you have a constant temperature in your home.

The traditional, mercury thermostats are not that accurate; they allow the temperature reading in your home to fluctuate by between 4 and 8F. This inaccuracy causes the heating unit to run even harder, hence consume more energy. At Velocity Mechanical, LLC, we believe that changing the thermostat in your HVAC to a digital one can improve the efficiency of your system.

A Programmable Thermostat is Even Better

A programmable digital thermostat will not only make the system more accurate, but will also allow you to set multiple temperature settings for different times of the day. If you hire us to install such a thermostat in your heating and cooling unit, you will not only benefit from some of the best heating services in Chandler, AZ area, but we will also adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature reading during the day. In most cases, no one will be at home during the day. As a result, you won’t need to keep the unit operating at the same temperature as you would at night. This adjustment will make it possible for you to save a decent amount of money on your energy bills.

Replace Older Units with Energy Efficient Ones


If you are still using an old fuel oil or coal fueled heating system in your home, replacing it with a modern, energy efficient unit will help you save on energy. With our expertise, you will be able to buy the most appropriate and energy efficient heating system that runs on natural gas or electricity. Additionally, our skilled professionals will also install the unit correctly to avoid installation-related problems in the future.

When hiring heating and cooling contractors for the various heating services in Chandler, AZ area, experience, qualification, reputation, and certification are important considerations you should make. In this regard, you can get some of the best heating services by calling us on (480) 688-7078.

Heater Repair Tips to Keep in Mind

Promptly repairing your heater is very important in keeping it functioning efficiently. Delay in repairing the heater may eventually worsen its performance and may render it useless sooner than expected. If any sudden malfunctions becomes noticeable, make sure you contact your trusted heater repair services in Mesa, AZ as quickly as possible.

When to seek  heater repair services

  • Constant breakdowns –  If your heater experiences regular breakdowns or starts and stops abruptly, then it’s time for you to call for a repair. If you continue to ignore this, then it is possible that you will spend large sums of money on a new heater. If you have purchased the heater recently, then calling for repairs will help you identify the problem, and you may be eligible for  a replacement from the store you bought the heater from as chances are it is still under manufacturers warranty.
  • Long heating times –  If the water takes too long to heat up, it is highly possible that there is something wrong with the heater. The longer the water takes to heat up, the more  electricity costs you will have to bear. It is  likely that the heating time may keep on increasing as the weeks go by,  putting an ever increasing burden on your home budget. It is  advisable that you quickly call in for repairs and fix your heater.

How you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repairs

You can avoid unnecessary repairs by conducting regular heater maintenance. Just like a regular visit to the dentist helps you avoid potentially expensive dental conditions, in the same way, regular maintenance can help you avoid expensive repairs.

A quick call to our 24/7 hotline at 480 688 7078 will help you book an appointment with us. We at Velocity Mechanical LLC, the most reliable heater repair services in Mesa, AZ, will make sure that your heater is repaired professionally and swiftly. Call us now!