All You Need To Know About A Furnace Repair!

Furnace Repair Mesa AZ

A furnace is essentially a boiler that helps in heating the entire residential or commercial building. It is the most important part of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system! A regular furnace may last between fifteen to twenty-five years, but a well-maintained furnace can last up to forty years. Hence, regular servicing and maintenance are required to avoid any major damage to the furnace.

Here are some of the most common problems faced by the furnace. You can either solve it yourself or contact us and get some professional help for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ.

  • Firstly, if there is a restriction in your airflow, then the furnace will ignite, but there won’t be any heat coming out. In this case, check the filter. Most of the time, the filter is clogged with dust, which restricts the airflow and eventually damages your furnace. So, it’s always better to replace the filter every four months. If the filter is clean, then there might be a restriction in the ducts, and you will need professional help for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ!
  • Next comes the draft inducer! This particular component is important as it ensures that all the fumes are exhausted during the combustion process. If your draft inducer isn’t working, you might want to change your wires, motor, or even the control board. Contact a professional furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, to get a complete repair and maintenance of your furnace.

 Pressure can cause a lot of problems to the furnace. Hence, the pressure switch handles the pressure inside the furnace and prevents the furnace from burning during low-pressure conditions. Always check the pressure switch tubing to see if there’s a problem with it or if the airflow is obstructed. If the pressure switch tubing is damaged, contact the professionals for help and get your pressure switch fixed.

 Call a professional if you find that the gas valve is faulty or there is low gas pressure. Don’t try to repair the gas valve yourself; it can get dangerous.

 A flame sensor senses the presence of the flame! Always clean the flame sensor; a dirty flame sensor can also become defective as it won’t allow the burners to ignite and can cause damage to the furnace.

 These simple troubleshooting problems can be easily solved at home, but if the problem is big, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. A furnace repair team will serve you and solve all your furnace-related problems. It is also not advisable to solve the major furnace issues at home without prior knowledge about the furnace. There are chances that you might damage the furnace and the surroundings!

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Furnace Repair Signs And Tips

Winter’s here, and everyone prefers being inside their warm and cosy home and spending time with their loved ones. This is the season of long nights and lazy mornings, and nothing makes it better than the warmth your home provides for you and your friends and family. At the start of the season, every homeowner, without a doubt, gets their furnace checked and serviced. Yet everyone knows the struggle of calling for an emergency repair in the middle of an engagement you were preoccupied with.

Every homeowner must know the basics about their furnace. So they can diagnose a problem beforehand and call for HVAC repair services, especially if your home heating system is more than 15 years old and put through multiple repairs previously. You don’t need a faulty furnace on your hand while hosting friends and family this season.

Signs that your furnace needs repair and maintenance service

It is important to keep track of the times you get your furnace serviced or maintained. Neglect and improper handling of the heating system can lead to multiple problems and the appliance’s short life. It is recommended that you should get your furnace serviced and repaired at least once a year.

Here are few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Lack of adequate maintenance of the furnace
  • Dirty and clogged air filters
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Wear and tear in the machinery
  • Fluctuating numbers on the thermostat
  • Uneven heating of the rooms in your house
  • The furnace does not produce any heat at all
  • Persistent grinding and groaning sound from the furnace
  • Bad gas smell near your furnace
  • Flickering or yellow pilot light or electric ignition problems
  • Tripped carbon monoxide detector
  • Furnace stops blowing air, or the blowers are continuously running
  • Cracked heat exchanger

You must call for a trusted HVAC service in case you notice any of these signs.

Tips for a longer and better life of your furnace

Handling the heating system with adequate care and taking preventive measures might take you a long way. It increases efficiency and ensures a longer life for your furnace. Below are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance service with an HVAC professional at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of fall.
  • Change the air filters of your furnace: Dirty and clogged Furnace can lead to multiple problems for your furnace. It is advised that you clean or changed your air filter every month or two months.
  • Thermostat: Do not forget to change the thermostat’s batteries and clean any dirt or debris on it.
  • Ignition Control and Pilot light: Check if the pilot light is on. Leave any ignition issues to the experts, for they might be from clogging of electrical components.
  • Vents and Ducts: Regularly check the vents to see if they are clean and not blocked by anything.

In case of any serious issue, contact a trusted HVAC service as soon as possible.

Velocity Mechanical LLC provides the best furnace repair Mesa, AC. Known for their certified and professionally trained experts’ expertise, Velocity Mechanical LLC guarantees nothing less than good furnace repair Mesa AZ, AC. For emergencies, contact or 24/7 emergency services at any time of the day. We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating installation in Mesa AZ, heating replacement in Mesa AZ, furnace repair in Mesa AZ

Most Efficient Furnace Repair in Mesa AZ

A broken furnace can be the source of many accidents. Like all other electrical units, it is possible to repair a furnace. Unfortunately, a broken unit would affect the quality of air and also alters the temperature. Thus, it becomes essential to repair a furnace if you want to avoid its repercussions. At Velocity Mechanical LLC, we provide the best service for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ

These repair sessions can be limited if you invest in a high-quality furnace since the low-quality furnaces cause all the issues. If your heater is continuously breaking down and takes long hours to heat up, you must avail of our furnace repair, Mesa AZ. Suppose you contact us in time, without ignoring all the definitive signs. In that case, you can save your electricity bill and maybe repair the furnace under your warranty without any additional costs. 

Our Services

Apart from our furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, we also specialize in the following services.

  • We provide tune-ups, installation, repair, emergency repair, replacement, and services for air conditioning units.
  • Our services also include emergency heater repair and heating services and installation, maintenance, and servicing of furnaces. 
  • Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning are available for residential areas.
  • Large-scale heating, ventilating, and air conditioning services for commercial customers.
  • High-quality units are available to purchase on our website. 
  • A blog to educate our customers about heaters, ventilators, and air conditioners with all the technical knowledge and recommendations you will ever need. 

About Us

We are a full-service mechanical contracting company built on years of experience, spread out across two decades. Troy and Amber from Arizona are the founders of Velocity Mechanical LLC. They combined their knowledge of architecture, mechanical design, and construction to begin this endeavour. 

We provide heating, air conditioning, and ventilating products with a catalogue of all the necessary services. Velocity Mechanical has served industrial and individual customers at Mesa, AZ, and surrounding areas. Our customers have complimented us for our quick and efficient services, and we credit our knowledgeable and experienced professionals for this flattery. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Skilled Professionals: We have a team of highly skilled professionals equipped to solve all your problems.
  • Experience: Our company has served Maricopa and Pinal countries for more than 20 years.
  • Foundation: Velocity Mechanical is built on a strong foundation laid down by Troy and Amber.
  • Our Products: We bring you the best quality of products through our partnership with reputed brands. 
  • Customer Support: If you want to book our services, the procedure is hassle-free. We’re just one call away.
  • Licensed Company: Velocity Mechanical LLC is a registered and licensed HVAC company; this adds to our credibility. So you can trust us without hesitation. 
  • Get Quotation: Request for a quote on our official website, and we will contact you to discuss our services and pricing. 
  • Educating our customers: We want our customers to be self-sufficient and choose the best services and products from themselves. Thus we maintain a blog on our website to assist your technical queries. 

Contact us

If you want to book our services or browse through them, then please visit our website. We are available to answer your calls at (480) 688-7078 for the best furnace repair in Mesa, AZ. For further inquiries, you can email us at We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating replacement in Mesa AZ, furnace repair in Mesa AZ

Why Maintaining Your Furnace May Be More Important Than You Think?

furnace tune ups in Gilbert AZ

For many of us, we might not give much thought to a furnace if it is doing the job, and everything seems to be working as it is supposed to – we might only give it any attention if something goes wrong. But much like a motor vehicle, maintaining a furnace will extend its lifetime, as well as prevent it from breaking down completely at some point. In addition, regular tune-ups will ensure that your furnace is running efficiently and cost-effectively. The staff at Velocity Mechanical, LLC are ready to assist you in any way regarding questions about furnace repairs and furnace tune-ups and furnace repair Mesa, AZ. We have many years of experience and can service all brands and types of furnace systems.

What Does A Furnace Tune-Up Involve?

An experienced technician will give the furnace and ducts a thorough visual check in order to identify any signs of excessive wear or damage. Then he or she will clean any parts that need cleaning, as well as carry out complete lubrication. The technician will also check the pilot and gas pressure of the furnace, and make any adjustments needed for optimum performance, as well as check voltages in electrical circuits. Finally, any filters in need of replacement will be replaced, and a written assessment will be provided to the customer.

furnace tune ups in Gilbert AZ

Maintaining Your System Saves Energy and Money

A badly maintained furnace can cost you extra money, as it will not be running at optimum efficiency. Leaking ducts, clogged pipes, and unlubricated moving parts can cause a system to require more energy. A sudden increase in energy usage, reflected by higher energy bills, can indicate that there may be an issue with the furnace which needs addressing.

Regular Maintenance Increases Safety

A poorly maintained furnace can, in the worst case, pose a safety risk due to carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, and even death, and any risk of exposure should be taken seriously. A furnace inspection can reveal carbon monoxide leaks. Ask your technician for advice regarding installing a carbon monoxide detector in the furnace room, and in other rooms in the building.

Choosing the Right Technician

Choosing a certified technician is important, both due to safety issues and in regard to insurance. A certified professional will have undergone the necessary training required for maintaining and repairing heating equipment and will know how to correctly carry out a complete tune-up. Ask your contractor to provide a copy of their insurance, showing its liability coverage.

Velocity Mechanical, LLC is a trusted company with years of experience, and a good choice for doing your heating service in Mesa AZ. Feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of furnace maintenance, either through our Website or by calling us at (480) 688-7078 for the best furnace repair in Mesa AZ.

Reaching a Higher Velocity

furnace tune up in Mesa AZ

If you’re looking for a top-rated furnace repair Mesa, AZ then look no further. We here at Velocity Mechanical LLC. Are here to offer you the best services that money can buy. Velocity means business and we ensure that the quality of services we offer will meet your standards. We pride ourselves on years of experience and having a highly trained staff that is, competent and dedicated to meeting your needs.

Our Services

  1. Residential/Home AC Services: The Velocity team understands how highly you value your home. It is for this reason that we have developed services catered to ensuring that your stay in your home is enjoyable. We offer the following services:
    • Repair of AC
    • Installation of AC equipment
    • Maintenance of AC
  1. Commercial Services: It is the dream of every employer to have a good working environment so that their staff can have maximum productivity. It is for this reason that we developed services geared at ensuring that the working environment for your employees is productive and to ensure that your heating and cooling needs are met. These services include:
    • Proper installation of HVAC equipment. That is we install our equipment in places that won’t interfere with your working environment. Most of our installation is on the roof to reduce noise and to ensure that you are comfortable at your place
    • Before installation, we analyze your building and come up with a package that best fits your building’s needs. These packages include cabinets and units which are self-contained, that is why they come with a complete system
    • Repair and maintenance. We offer routine maintenance checks for our clients.

furnace tune up in Mesa

  1. Heating: Having a furnace is not enough, you should ensure that the quality of air that comes into your house is top-notch. Velocity Mechanical has services geared toward ensuring that the quality of air while using your furnace is ideal. Our experts will give you the facts about your current system, and help you make the best decision for the needs of your home or business. Our services include:
  1. Emergency services: We here at Velocity Mechanical LLC understand the great discomfort you may feel when your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold winter or when your air conditioner fails in the middle of a summer night. It’s for this reason that we established a 24/7 system to ensure that you continue having maximum comfort.

Our Products

We at Velocity believe that your home and family should have maximum comfort. That is why we don’t promote or sell furnaces or air conditioners. We believe that by giving you the facts about all of the choices out there, that you will come to a great decision on your own. Not only that, but you won’t feel like we pushed you into buying a product that we are supporting for a friend or that we get a commission for selling.

I’m Sold, Where Should I Call?

We pride ourselves on doing the best HVAC repair Mesa, AZ. For more information, you can contact us at 480-688-7078. The team at Velocity is always here to meet your air conditioning and heating needs.