Tricks On How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Tricks On How To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

The summer season becomes troublesome if you don’t have a functional air conditioner. However, having an operational air conditioner is not enough. You need to maintain it, clean it, and prepare it for the season to come.

You can apply some tricks to prepare your air conditioner and make your summers more comfortable. These tips are suggested by our air conditioning repair Mesa AZ. We also offer AC installation in Mesa AZ.

Things you must keep in mind for the oncoming summer

  • Clean or replace the AC filters

    The least that you can do to prepare your air conditioner for the season to come is to clean the filters. The role of the filter is to trap the dust and debris coming from outside and damaging the hardware and also from coming into your house. However, sometimes cleaning the filters may not be enough. You might need to change them altogether. These filters are easily accessible and can be changed easily. We are the top-notch AC contractor in Mesa AZ

  • Clean the condenser coils

    Every air conditioner has some portion out in the open. In the winter season, it tends to collect dust and mud all over it. All this gunk can clog your air conditioner, causing it to run inefficiently. So, you can clean it properly before turning it on for the season. Remember to unplug the air conditioner from the electricity.

  • Check the coolant lines

    This problem only exists in the split-type air conditioner. In this type of air conditioner, the tubes run from indoor unit to outdoor unit carrying the essential fluids required by your air conditioner. These tubes are typically covered with foam. If the foam is not present in some places, it decreases your system’s efficiency and increases your electricity bill.

  • Test the AC unit

    After you are done cleaning the air conditioner, allow it to dry properly, and then connect it to the electric supply. Set the air conditioner to your liking, test its cooling capability. Compare it with the previous season you had with this air conditioner. Check if your A/C is working properly. Now, if something is not working in your air conditioner or it is not cooling to your liking, then you can call us. We provide the #1 HVAC Repair in Mesa AZ

  • Schedule a repair

    After you have done all those things that could be performed by you and still your air conditioner is giving you problems, it is time to call a technician. At this stage, there is not much that you can do other than calling a professional and telling them about the issues with your air conditioner. If your A/C is working fine even, then we would suggest you get your air conditioner serviced. Regular service of your air conditioner can dramatically increase its lifespan.

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