Why is my AC Unit Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

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Why is my AC Unit Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

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Just like other Temple homeowners, you must dread the idea of your AC unit stalling in the middle of a hot summer day. Various malfunctions can affect your air conditioning unit, requiring the urgent attention of a knowledgeable AC contractor in Mesa AZ today. While some of the commonest AC repair problems today ate mechanically, several electrical problems can affect the performance and efficiency of your unit or cause it to stop altogether. If your unit was running properly the day before but is not running when you turn it on, you should first check to see if the power supply to the unit is disrupted. One of the commonest problems, in this regard, is a tripped circuit breaker.

At Velocity Mechanical, LLC, we have been in this industry for a considerable period; hence have some of the most experienced AC repair technicians to identify and fix any electrical problem in your AC within a few minutes. For the years we have been offering our air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services, we have handled many problematic systems whereby the problem was just a tripped circuit breaker. Like many other homeowners today, you may be thinking that this is a simple problem, which you can simply solve by turning the circuit breaker back on. Well, this is not advisable. Instead, you need to have a professional examine the system to identify the root cause of the problem and resolve it before turning the circuit breaker on. Mentioned below are some of the commonest causes of this problem.

Dirty Coil and Outdoor cabinet

If your unit has not been maintained and cleaned by the professionals in recent past, the problem could be a dirty coil and outdoor cabinet. With time, these components accumulate dirt and debris. This, in turn, affects the efficiency with which the system releases heat to the outside. The system will then be forced to overwork in order to maintain the required indoor temperature. As a result, it will draw more amps and cause the circuit breaker to trip. The fix for this problem is to have the unit cleaned by professional HVAC repair and maintenance technicians.

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Grounded compressor

This is a rather serious electrical malfunction, which should only be fixed by a qualified air conditioning repair Messa AZ contractor. In most cases, the problem starts with broken AC wiring, which allows the current to leap to the ground. When this happens, the oil within the compressor is ignited leading to burnout. It is this power surge caused by the grounding, which will cause the circuit breaker to trip. The solution for such a problem is to have the compressor replaced.

Regardless of what is causing the circuit breaker to trip, you need to have the problem inspected by a professional and repaired before turning the breaker back on. For professional diagnosis and repair of your air conditioning repair Messa AZ, contact us today at (480) 688-7078. We are the #1 HVAC Repair in Mesa AZ or AC contractor in Mesa AZ and we also offer AC Repair Mesa AZ, air conditioning installation in Mesa AZ