When Should I Replace My Furnace?

When chilly winters arrive in Arizona, people gear up for their furnaces to check the condition. It’s the time when you realize that the furnace will be working for the coming winters or not. Unfortunately, some people cannot figure out whether they can continue their furnaces or need a change. This blog will make you aware of the facts and signs your furnace may be giving out so that you know it’s time to reach out to professionals. 

Signs That Hints at a Furnace Change

There are a variety of signals that it’s time to replace your old furnace with a new energy-efficient system, including the age of the system, unexpected temperature changes, high operating expenses, and loud noises. Call a professional expert in your region to discuss the latest energy-efficient furnaces on the market when you need to make an intelligent decision regarding a furnace replacement. But, first, let’s discuss those signs and symptoms. 

Age of the Furnace 

The average life of a furnace is around 15-20 years. After this period, you can expect the furnaces to turn out and cause issues recurrently. There are several options for extending the life of your old furnace. To keep your furnace running well, we recommend replacing filthy filters regularly. 

Another approach to enhance your home’s temperature without replacing your furnace is to seal the windows and doors to keep heat from escaping. To improve the effectiveness of your furnace, you might want to contemplate purchasing a programmable thermostat.

The loud noise of furnaces 

If you are encountering loud noise from your furnaces, it’s a very prominent sign that it needs replacement. You can reach out to the best furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, for quality servicing or furnace solutions. 

Noises like rattling, popping, humming, and shrieking are all symptoms that your furnace needs to be replaced. All these sounds have their issue related and should be looked for an expert for the solution. 

Temperature Fluctuations 

If your furnace is giving out sudden blows of cold air and not functioning well in terms of blowing out air and warming the room uniformly, it’s a sign of malfunctioning. The possible reasons could be blocked vents, which are pretty standard in snowing regions. 

The exhaust vents are suggested to place around 12 inches high above the ground. You can search for quality heating installation in Mesa AZ, and you’ll get your furnace the proper repair with expert services. 

High Energy Bills

If you are getting high electricity bills using your furnace, it indicates that your furnace is malfunctioning. It means that the furnace is working hard to distribute the air uniformly in the room and needs servicing. This results in a significant increase in your monthly electric bills. 

Therefore, for the best quality professional heating replacement in Mesa, AZ contact (480) 688-7078 today. They provide the same and highly professional service that our furnaces or thermostats require. They also specialize in complete HVAC repairs and installations. So, get your furnaces replaced or upgraded and save hundreds of dollars with their service.

How To Prepare For Your Heating Installation

Do you plan to install a new heating system in your home? It is a rare event for people to do more than once in their lives to purchase a furnace. As a result, you may not be sure of how it works when it does happen. You finally made your decision to install a furnace after speaking with consultants, researching options, and deciding on one. We provide one of the best heating service in Meza, AZ at an affordable price.

In that case, you can complete some tasks to make the installation day more efficient and smooth. Preparing for the installation can be made easier with the following tips – 

Tips To Prepare For Heating Installation:

  • Obstructions Must Be Removed

    To ensure that your current heating area is not obstructed, you should remove any obstructions. Your installation process will run more smoothly when obstructions are removed, and technicians will be safer on their jobs.

  • Provide An Accessible Workspace

    If technicians have to work in an area that is cluttered and messy as they install a heating system, it may be harder for them to work efficiently. Ensure that there is an easy path between the vehicle and the workstation so that technicians can easily go back and forth.

  • Make Sure All Valuables Are Removed

    It is our priority to respect every client’s space and home. Regardless of our efforts to avoid valuables and breakables, accidents can occur. It is less likely for an item to be damaged or broken if valuables and breakables are removed.

  • Vents Need To Be Closed

    In addition, we recommend closing your home’s vents during the day of your installation, whether your heating or air conditioning is being installed. As a result, during installation, your vents will not be clogged with dust and debris.

  • Ensure That Children and Pets Are Taken Care of

    Our technicians make sure your children, pets, and other family members are safe on the day of installation. They should not be allowed on the job site, near the equipment, or near chemicals. Tools of any kind may harm kids and pets. In the early afternoon or early evening, have another member of your family take them out for the day if they aren’t in school.

  • Ensure Ducts Are In Good Shape

    Your project may require duct replacement. A new HVAC system will connect to your house’s existing ductwork if duct replacement is not included in the installation. HVAC systems rely on ductwork to transport and distribute heated and cooled air. Ductwork may damage or deteriorate over time. Before installing ductwork, you should have your current ductwork inspected by a professional.

If you have any questions regarding heating installation and our services, feel free to visit our website or contact us today at Velocity Mechanical LLC for heating installation in Mesa, AZ.


8 Signs Your Furnace Wants to Be Replaced This Year

An average person has a difficult time determining if their heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. There is one thing that is certain. There’s no good time to realize you should have replaced your system during a cold winter night. We offer the best heating repair in Mesa, AZ. Here are tips for deciding whether your heating system needs to be replaced this year – 

Tips To Replacement of Heating System:

  • Increase In Utility Prices

    If your electric or gas bill suddenly spikes, you may have an inefficient heating system. All heating systems lose efficiency as they age. Older heating systems generally have fuel utilization efficiency between 56% and 70%. Reduce your utility costs and keep your house warm by installing an energy-efficient system. You will save money by investing in a new, more energy-efficient unit.

  •  Age-Old Heating Systems

    Heating systems can be over 25 years old depending on the age of your house. Most likely, your furnace is more than 25 years old if it has a pilot light. System failure is more likely to occur as they age. Before you need to replace an old heating system, it is best to upgrade it. 

  • Symptoms Of a Flu-Like Illness May Be Caused By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Do you or anyone in your family have symptoms that may mimic the flu? The flu can produce symptoms such as nausea, headache, or burning eyes. This can also be caused by carbon monoxide. Because of expansion and contraction, heat exchangers can crack in older systems. If poorly installed and maintained, new furnaces may also suffer from these problems.

  • The Yellow Flame Of The Burner

    Yellow flames, rather than blue ones, indicate the presence of carbon monoxide. Due to the colorless and odorless nature of this gas, it is important to recognize its signs before it is too late. 

  • Unusual Noises

    Occasionally, heating systems will squeal, rattle, or bang as they age. Running a properly configured operating system will be quiet. The motor bearings may be at fault if there is a squealing noise. The blower assembly or motor might be at fault for the banging or rattling. The system may need replacing if it makes any unusual noises.

  • Making a Number Of Repairs In A Short Period Of Time

    In some cases, the cost of replacing several parts in your heating system in short order is almost as much as buying another unit. The parts for older systems can be hard to find, which makes keeping an old system running costly. Replacement is better before the system completely fails.

  • Thermostat Adjustments Are Constantly Needed

    You might have a problem with your furnace if you can’t get the thermostat adjusted to make the rooms comfortable. There could be a problem with the way the furnace distributes the air if some rooms are very warm and others are cold. It may be time to replace your heating system if the temperature in your home varies from room to room.

  • Cycling For Short Periods

    Your home’s temperature is controlled by the thermostat. Short cycling is the process of your heating system switching on and off for short periods of time. The system can shut down due to the heat exchanger overheating.
    A short cycling heating system will decrease its efficiency and could signify a serious problem.

Having a heating system is essential. Your furnace may need to be replaced if you experience any of these problems. Schedule an appointment now for heating service in Mesa, AZ with Velocity Air Conditioning and Heating, or call us today at (480)-688-7078.

All You Need To Know About A Furnace Repair!

Furnace Repair Mesa AZ

A furnace is essentially a boiler that helps in heating the entire residential or commercial building. It is the most important part of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system! A regular furnace may last between fifteen to twenty-five years, but a well-maintained furnace can last up to forty years. Hence, regular servicing and maintenance are required to avoid any major damage to the furnace.

Here are some of the most common problems faced by the furnace. You can either solve it yourself or contact us and get some professional help for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ.

  • Firstly, if there is a restriction in your airflow, then the furnace will ignite, but there won’t be any heat coming out. In this case, check the filter. Most of the time, the filter is clogged with dust, which restricts the airflow and eventually damages your furnace. So, it’s always better to replace the filter every four months. If the filter is clean, then there might be a restriction in the ducts, and you will need professional help for furnace repair in Mesa, AZ!
  • Next comes the draft inducer! This particular component is important as it ensures that all the fumes are exhausted during the combustion process. If your draft inducer isn’t working, you might want to change your wires, motor, or even the control board. Contact a professional furnace repair in Mesa, AZ, to get a complete repair and maintenance of your furnace.

 Pressure can cause a lot of problems to the furnace. Hence, the pressure switch handles the pressure inside the furnace and prevents the furnace from burning during low-pressure conditions. Always check the pressure switch tubing to see if there’s a problem with it or if the airflow is obstructed. If the pressure switch tubing is damaged, contact the professionals for help and get your pressure switch fixed.

 Call a professional if you find that the gas valve is faulty or there is low gas pressure. Don’t try to repair the gas valve yourself; it can get dangerous.

 A flame sensor senses the presence of the flame! Always clean the flame sensor; a dirty flame sensor can also become defective as it won’t allow the burners to ignite and can cause damage to the furnace.

 These simple troubleshooting problems can be easily solved at home, but if the problem is big, don’t hesitate to call for professional help. A furnace repair team will serve you and solve all your furnace-related problems. It is also not advisable to solve the major furnace issues at home without prior knowledge about the furnace. There are chances that you might damage the furnace and the surroundings!

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Furnace Repair Signs And Tips

Winter’s here, and everyone prefers being inside their warm and cosy home and spending time with their loved ones. This is the season of long nights and lazy mornings, and nothing makes it better than the warmth your home provides for you and your friends and family. At the start of the season, every homeowner, without a doubt, gets their furnace checked and serviced. Yet everyone knows the struggle of calling for an emergency repair in the middle of an engagement you were preoccupied with.

Every homeowner must know the basics about their furnace. So they can diagnose a problem beforehand and call for HVAC repair services, especially if your home heating system is more than 15 years old and put through multiple repairs previously. You don’t need a faulty furnace on your hand while hosting friends and family this season.

Signs that your furnace needs repair and maintenance service

It is important to keep track of the times you get your furnace serviced or maintained. Neglect and improper handling of the heating system can lead to multiple problems and the appliance’s short life. It is recommended that you should get your furnace serviced and repaired at least once a year.

Here are few signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Lack of adequate maintenance of the furnace
  • Dirty and clogged air filters
  • Increasing energy bills
  • Wear and tear in the machinery
  • Fluctuating numbers on the thermostat
  • Uneven heating of the rooms in your house
  • The furnace does not produce any heat at all
  • Persistent grinding and groaning sound from the furnace
  • Bad gas smell near your furnace
  • Flickering or yellow pilot light or electric ignition problems
  • Tripped carbon monoxide detector
  • Furnace stops blowing air, or the blowers are continuously running
  • Cracked heat exchanger

You must call for a trusted HVAC service in case you notice any of these signs.

Tips for a longer and better life of your furnace

Handling the heating system with adequate care and taking preventive measures might take you a long way. It increases efficiency and ensures a longer life for your furnace. Below are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance service with an HVAC professional at least once a year, preferably at the beginning of fall.
  • Change the air filters of your furnace: Dirty and clogged Furnace can lead to multiple problems for your furnace. It is advised that you clean or changed your air filter every month or two months.
  • Thermostat: Do not forget to change the thermostat’s batteries and clean any dirt or debris on it.
  • Ignition Control and Pilot light: Check if the pilot light is on. Leave any ignition issues to the experts, for they might be from clogging of electrical components.
  • Vents and Ducts: Regularly check the vents to see if they are clean and not blocked by anything.

In case of any serious issue, contact a trusted HVAC service as soon as possible.

Velocity Mechanical LLC provides the best furnace repair Mesa, AC. Known for their certified and professionally trained experts’ expertise, Velocity Mechanical LLC guarantees nothing less than good furnace repair Mesa AZ, AC. For emergencies, contact or 24/7 emergency services at any time of the day. We are #1 HVAC repair in Mesa AZ and We also offer heating installation in Mesa AZ, heating replacement in Mesa AZ, furnace repair in Mesa AZ